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Time to find the perfect Valentine’s Day lippy for the holidays and I have reviewed two economical options!

Today I went to lunch with my dad and reveled in being outdoors. LOL. No seriously after being cooped up recovering at home for the last three months, getting to go out even if it’s to the doctor’s or for a quick lunch is a treat worthy of a flat iron, makeup, and a fun piece of jewelry. And since today is Valentine’s Day, I pulled out my two red lipsticks. Alas, I am more of a pink girl so two is all it is but what fun nonetheless. I believe it is a cardinal rule – even if not written down – that every woman should own at least one red lipstick, no? 🙂

#1. Kate Moss. Yep, this is the red lippy you’ll find at your Superdrug (GB) or CVS Pharmacy (US).

I chose shade 107 (Matte Wine) that as you can see from the selfies posted below compliments my Asian skin quite well (I am not wearing any other makeup, foundation included) without being too stark and dramatic. It is a colour I feel comfortable wearing around town both for day and night.

Let’s be frank the right makeup gives a girl the perfect bit of pizazz and sparkle and this works like a charm especially for the price (£5.49 @ Superdrug and $5.49 @ CVS). It also does not get all over the teeth which I thoroughly appreciate.

#2. MAC. This is the high street brand you’ll find in your local Selfridges (GB) or Nordstroms (US).

I chose Russian Red (beats me if this is truly a colour Russians would associate with) that you can purchase for $16.00 (Nordstroms) or £15.50 (Selfridges).

To me, it is your definite “red” colour that screams Valentine’s Day or Retro. I had originally bought it for a retro event I was attending at Disneyland – Dapper Day – and unlike the Kate Moss lippy have had fewer reasons to wear it.

Perhaps it is because I am more of a pink girl but I feel a bit va-va-voom wearing it, especially during the day. What do you think? It truly is a fun color and will add some pizazz to your day/evening.

On a side note, I do find that this lippy is more likely to get all over the place (aka those pearly whites) than the Kate Moss.

So which is my favorite red lipstick?

Kate Moss. See you don’t have to always go for the more expensive or high street brand.

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