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While mum and dad were in town, I took mum out for brunch at My Old Dutch in Chelsea before some shopping. If only we had bigger stomachs. ūüėÄ
With an orange mug of tea in hand, mum and I enjoyed a leisurely conversation while waiting for our meal talking about all the new things happening in our lives.
And then the food came out and boy did we wish we had bigger stomachs. Everything was delicious. I had the “My Old Dutch” savoury pancake that I had last time when I visited w/ the girls¬†and mum had butterscotch pancakes (American style) with eggs and bacon.
Go on you know you want to take another look at that gigantic pancake of mine.
Look at all the cheese, bacon, chicken, ham, sweet pepper, mushrooms and sweetcorn. Yum! And what’s better is that on Mondays there is a ¬£5 savoury pancake deal. So next Monday, if you are in the¬†neighbourhood go check out My Old Dutch and try out one of their savoury pancakes.