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I did it, folks! I registered with the local NHS GP practice — Brook Green Medical Centre — in Hammersmith this afternoon and what a pleasant surprise of an experience it was!
Upon arriving at the centre at 15:15, I signed in with the receptionist and was given the usual pile of paperwork to fill out which took about 10 minutes after which i settled down with my notebook and earbuds but would you believe it I had not been sitting for 10 minutes when a nurse practitioner, Elena, called my name and I was whisked into the interview room. She has got to be one of the friendliest and sweetest and funniest nurses (made me think of Dr. Saul’s fabulous nurse from my childhood) and had me alternating between laughing and completely at ease as she asked the usual questions, took my weight, height and blood pressure. Fifteen minutes later, I was shaking her hand and headed out to enjoy the rest of my day. What a great first experience at the GP.
Couple random bits of trivia: 
* Apparently I was registered with the NHS while at Roehampton (Autumn 2005)
* Elena asked if I could see when smiling (haven’t heard that one in a long time lol)
* I educated Elena (who is Filipino) on the “Asian Flush” terminology (thanks Adam)
sharing is caring