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A few weeks back for Natasha’s birthday, I organised a get together at the Lamb pub in Bloomsbury.
The pub was extremely friendly and accommodating, especially the manager, Leigh Tuohy, who organised several booths for me and my friends and the waitstaff who helped me with little details the night of. I cannot recommend the staff at The Lamb more highly if I wanted to.
 or the special occasion, I ordered two bottles of Prosecco, a birthday pudding and a sharing board. All food and drink was ordered and paid for at the bar which made it easy to organise a large group’s bill.
Everyone at the party had a great time and the tables we received were perfect for a jolly group of friends who could share many a laugh and pleasant conversation in a semi-private corner of the pub.
What’s great about the Lamb is that there are no TVs or music so that it is all about the lively conversations whirling around you and we have to thank Mafe’s boyfriend, Robert, for his hilarious antidotes and jokes that had us in stitches all evening.
The food also was delicious and plentiful.
Big thanks to C & B for bringing birthday candles and to the waitstaff who brought out an order of pudding with the candle atop while we all sang happy birthday to Natasha who was glowing with delight and surprise.
It really was a great evening and a fabulous location for such a celebration. Here’s to many many more wonderful birthdays, Natasha! <3 <3
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