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Moscow Mules and Murder, a brand new cozy mystery by Quinn Avery is perfect reading this summer.

You are going to want to add this one to your Kindle or Nook for some light summer reading on your vacation.

Description of Moscow Mules and Murder

Welcome to Beach Bummers on the white quartz shores of Santa Maria Island, Florida, where the weather is always perfect, drinks are served ice cold, and the locals’ secrets run deep! If you love the idea of escaping to a small beach town and sleuthing alongside quirky characters, you’ll love the Tiki Trouble series!

Zoey Zastrow needed a fresh start after her plans for a perfect life came crashing down. So she packed her bags, trading her snow boots and ice scraper in the freezing Midwest for flip flips and a waitress apron by the sunny Gulf of Mexico. She never imagined her new lifestyle would include amateur sleuthing. But there she was, killing it. Or rather, hunting down a killer.

After Zoey discovers a human skull while closing the tiki bar one night, she’s determined to unearth the mystery behind the discarded remains. Who was the woman? Was she murdered? And why is someone warning her not to get involved?

With the help of the island’s brand new police detective (who happens to be hotter than a shot of fire whiskey), the wacky tiki bar staff, and a new 3-legged sidekick, Zoey will turn the island upside down in search of answers.

Who is Quinn Avery?

Quinn Avery is a bestselling author (under various pen names) of over 30 romantic suspense, young adult paranormal, and mystery novels. When not involved in the madness of their 4 children’s lives, Quinn and her husband divide their time between rural Minnesota and Lake Shetek, MN.

Quinn’s favorite pastimes include trips to the ocean, riding on the back of her husband’s Harley, catching her favorite rock bands in concert, and watching murder documentaries (yes she’s a MFM muderino). She’s a massive fan of anything created by John Hughes, Steven Spielberg, or M. Night Shyamalan. Her favorite TV series include Ozarks and Stranger Things, and she’s a sucker for almost anything written by Nora Roberts or Stephen King.

– Bio taken from Quinn Avery’s official website

Review of Moscow Mules and Murder

Allow me to preface that when I read a cozy mystery, I am not expecting a Pulitzer Prize winning novel. However, I do want to be transported into a fun escape. I want to meet fun and quirky characters. And I want to discover a new recipe for something delicious to eat or drink based on the story I just read which is why I gravitate towards cozy mysteries that have food or drinks in the title.

I really enjoyed this easy read. It’s the perfect summer vacation book due to the terrific island setting. Kuddos to Ms. Quinn because I was really craving a visit to the Beach Bummers and (the fictional?) Santa Maria Island based on her descriptions. I really felt like I was on holiday.

Also, the two main characters were likable and it was fun to follow the progress of their romance. And thankfully the romance was PG in nature and there weren’t any sex scenes that required a parental warning.

And rescue dog lovers, you’re going to just adore LUCKY who steals the scene whenever he’s on the page.

As for the murder mystery, it was actually a surprising ending. I did not see it coming and for me – that’s huge! And in keeping with the tradition of cozy mysteries, the story’s murder was PG in nature and not too scary nor was it graphic.

And for those who love a recipe to go with their read, you’ll find Quinn’s Blueberry Moscow Mule recipe at the back of the book.

Thanks to Victory Editing NetGalley Co-op for sharing a copy of Moscow Mules and Murder for review purposes. However, all opinions are my own.

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Moscow Mules and Murder Book Review