3 Perks of Taking a Magical Yet Solo Trip to Disneyland that Don’t Have to Do with Attractions

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Ever wondered what it was like to take a day at Disneyland all by yourself? I have come up with 3 perks for why you must add a solo trip to Disneyland to your bucket list. And guess what? They have nothing to do with any of the thrills and adventures to be found on the rides. This is a trip just for you to roam around the parks enjoying the magic.

Perk 1. Stop and Catch a Show Impromptu

One of the perks of going to a theme park alone is that you can stop and catch a show impromptu whenever you like. No need to debate with your friends over what attraction to visit next. It’s your day.

In one afternoon, I was able to see the adorable Disney Newsboys and the Jazz Band in California Adventure, and the Disneyland Band on Main Street U.S.A.:

Photo by The Joyous Living
Photo by The Joyous Living
Disneyland Band on Main Street USA
Photo by The Joyous Living

Perk 2. Catch Your Favorite Characters

Just because you are an adult visiting Disneyland on your own does not mean you can’t sneak a moment with your favorite characters. In fact, you can enjoy a rare moment without kids to make your own memories.

Perk 3. Use the PhotoPass Photographers to Get Some Great Photos

Thanks to the Photopass option at Disneyland (included with all MaxPasses) you do not have to worry about who will capture those magical moments for you. In fact, many of the photographers can add some pixie dust to your photos if you ask nicely enough. Pixie dust can include balloons, a character photobomb, or perhaps even a tie-fighter!

And don’t forget Your Disney Visa Character Meet-N-Greet available in different parks at different hours. At each Visa meet-n-greet, there will be a photographer who can take photos of you with the character of the day and bonus! your photo download is FREE even if you don’t have a MaxPass or Photopass.

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  1. Those are some really good ideas for going solo. The freedom to just be there and experience anything you want. I guess if you went with friends you could always split up for a time and do separate things and then meet up again, etc.

  2. I have never visited myself but I really enjoyed reading this article, it’s nice to hear that there are photographers present who take photos for you, what a great idea.

  3. I have never been solo because my kids would kill me! It looks like a fun time regardless of how many people are there.

  4. I would love to visit Disneyland one day! I think it’s a great idea to enjoy it alone too and do whatever you want without the need to compromise with your family or friends.

  5. Wow! What a great day. Use the PhotoPass Photographers to Get Some Great Photos seems like a good tip. Also, belated happy 7th anniversary of blogging! Keep it up!

  6. I can imagine how free you must feel when you don’t have the kids with you constantly playing a tug of war with your arms. It is good some time to do something by yourself.

  7. True!! I wanna go back to Disneyland and do these. To take it slowly and see more than just the attractions. <3 Thank for these ideas…

  8. Yes, you’re right. It is really a good idea to take solo trip in Disney. It looks like getting back in your younger age .Just enjoying the flow of the parade, seeing you fave character is really awesome.

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