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Hi guys. On Thursday I went to my surgeon for a follow-up and due to weakness and exhaustion and medication I was not able to drive so I had to make use of Lyft drivers to get me there and back. Thankfully I was able to find a discount card that cost me $4.99 for $4 off a limited number of rides so I saved $3 all together. Unfortunately that’s where my happiness as a new Lyft customer stops.

As a disabled passenger with a cane for walking and a portable oxygen machine I was walking slowly and due to my pain and weakness I was really hoping that the Lyft drivers would offer to open the door for me when I was picked up and dropped off as the majority of my Uber and Ventura Transit drivers had done in the past. For both rides, I had to open and shut the doors myself without even an offer to open the door for me. I was quite stunned. It was not as if I looked “normal”. Excuse me, driver, but do you see the lady with a cane who is walking slowly with a big and heavy oxygen machine on her shoulder? Is male chivalry gone? Those were just a few of the thoughts running through my mind as I walked to the car and there was not a hint that the driver cared or was going to even open his window to ask if I needed help. Very disappointing. After the first ride, I thought maybe that was an oddity and that the second driver who picked me up from the doctor would be different. Nope. Very disappointing, again.

When I got home I saw that Lyft had replied to my original tweet

I replied to AskLyft with a DM explaining my disappointment and this was their suggestion:

We understand that our passengers have varying needs, and we aim to exceed expectations at every turn. If you’d like to request additional assistance from your driver, you may consider sending them a text message or placing a call once you are matched with your driver. 

Seriously? We have to go the extra step ourselves? The disabled have to be the ones to text or call our drivers just in order to get help? Why is it necessary for the disabled to make the extra effort when hiring a driver? We are paying YOU, right? Again, I was left disappointed.

Next I got an email from Rodrigo  with Lyft who said:

I know I cannot change the experience that you had but I can assure you that you will never be paired with this driver moving forward. Also, we will do necessary investigations with the driver and ensure that the proper actions are taken accordingly.

I’d love if you’d give us another shot to prove how great Lyft can be and how important it is to have you as part of the Lyft community.

Nice of him to write but it felt like a form letter and if they really cared, is this all they’d say? Hmm…

So what do you guys think? Is LYFT accessible friendly? Should the disabled have to go the extra mile even as the paying customer?

I will be needing a ride to my doctor on Tuesday so we’ll see if there’s any difference with the drivers and maybe I’ll text one of my two drivers on the day to see if it makes a difference.

lyft makes it hard for their disabled customers. (c) the joyous living