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Raise of hands if you are a fan of crepes? Me! I can happily remember a Christmas when I even received a crepe pan and recipe book that I used for weeks on end.

Where can I find the best crepes in Orange County? #luluscreperie #creperie #lagunahills #orangecounty #food #thejoyousliving

So when I was in Laguna Hills this month I was thrilled to find a brunch spot called Lulu’s Café right off the 5 freeway on Alicia Parkway that was known for their crepes.

The Joyous Living: Lulu's Creperie Café Laguna Hills Restaurant Review

Decor and Atmosphere:

The café is small with both indoor and outdoor seating areas divided by an automated sliding door.

Outdoors we were seated at a spot that was cleverly separated from the busy parking lot with white lattice boards and decorated with both hanging and potted plants.

Indoors there is one restroom in the back that is clean but nothing to write home about.

The Service:

Two thumbs down. Sadly this is the reason I would likely never come back, at least when I am in a rush.

Despite not being busy with only 2/3 of the tables occupied, the wait for service dragged at an alarmingly slow pace. It took an age to get not only the food but also to have our drink orders taken, receive our drinks, receive the breadbasket, and have our food order taken.

In fact, when I walked past the waitress at the counter to get to the restroom she acknowledged me and said she’d be over right away with our drinks and to take our order. Similarly, she let me know she was on her way when I came back out of the restroom but no luck. It must have been another 5-10 minutes before she did finally come around (another member of our party was ready to stand up and go in search of our waitress in fact).

I was watching the time because I had another appointment after eating and so I can without a doubt say that it took us 45 minutes from sitting down to when we got our food order delivered. And that was when the restaurant was only 2/3 full.

The Crepes:

Thankfully, the crepes were TWO THUMBS UP and while I wouldn’t say they were worth the dreadful wait, I would be tempted back if I was in the neighborhood around brunch time.

The Joyous Living: Mixed Review of Laguna Hills' Lulu's Creperie Café

I ordered the $13.99 La Galette that was made of eggs, ham, mushroom, and spinach in a light white sauce.

It was definitely delicious, entirely filling for a noon time meal, and hot as if it had just come off the griddle. Thankfully the sauce was not too heavy.

The What, Where, and When:

What: Lulu’s Creperie Café

Where: 24781 Alicia Pkwy, Laguna Hills, CA 92653 (right off the 5 Freeway)

When: 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.