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Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber knows how to pick some winners! I have loved the talent that comes from all of his reality shows including Jessie Buckley (I’d Do Anything) whom I met recently, Siobhan Dillon (How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?) whose singles I have thanks to iTunes, Connie Fisher (winner of How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?), Danielle Wade (winner of Over the Rainbow Canada) whom I saw live in Los Angeles, Sophie Evans (runner up in Over the Rainbow), and Lee Mead (winner of Any Dream Will Do). 

In the past week I have seen two of the contestants from Webber’s most recent reality show Superstar, Rory Taylor and David Hunter.

Rory Taylor was Roger opposite Kerry Ellis in Rent in Concert at the Hackney Empire and David Hunter was on as Guy in Once at the Phoenix Theatre last night. Both were fabulous with amazing vocals, great acting skills and  after watching the clip of their sing-off for Superstar, I believe Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber nailed it perfectly when he chose to save Rory based on it being an audition for a rock arena show.

Rory as Roger was comfortable with his guitar, leather jacket and rock numbers such as One Song Glory. Whereas David nailed it as the folksy leading man with his ballads such as Leave and Sleeping  — it was hard to imagine him being “just” the understudy. And high praise to their respective leading ladies — Kerry Ellis in Rent and Zrinka Cvitešić in Once. The chemistry between the actors was electrifying and their harmonies and duets were appropriately swoon-worthy and gut-wrenching.

If you find yourself with the opportunity to see either Rory or David, do! You will be rewarded by a truly heart-felt performance and some lush vocals.

According to David’s Twitter, he is on as Guy quite a bit this month!

They also, FYI, have several tracks on iTunes from Superstar here and here.