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In readiness for Easter, I wanted to share a few of my favorite Easter films worth watching these next few weeks including Lion of Judah.

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Lion of Judah is a 3D Computer Animated Christian comedy-drama starring Georgina Cordova as the voice of Judah, a young and impressionable lamb, who meets a barn yard of mismatched animals including Sandi PattyAnupam KherMichael Madsenand Ernest Borgnine, who had previously witnessed the humble birth of the Savior in Once Upon A Stable.

On a journey to Jerusalem they meet up with a down on his luck and depressed donkey, Scott Eastwood. And together this mismatched group of animals participate in the Passion Week up through Easter morning.

This is an excellent choice for the children in your family and/or Sunday School. Due to the topic, there are a few scary scenes although nothing is actually shown. This is a movie safe to be shown for all ages.

And yes this is also a great film to watch as adults. My friend A and I watched the film a couple times and both of us experienced GOOSIES thanks to the gorgeous scenes between Jesus (Bruce Marchiano) and Scott Eastwood’s depressed Jack and later with the jubilant Georgina Cordova‘s Judah. Goosies, I repeat.

The love and compassion we see in the character of Jesus and the hope and transformation we see in the animals is mesmerizing!

Rating: PG for mild thematic elements
Director: Deryck Broom & Roger Hawkins
Written by: Brent Dawes
Running Time: 87 Minutes

Where to Watch Lion of Judah

Amazon Prime Video
Amazon ($9.99) – Combo DVD of Once Upon A Stable and Lion of Judah.

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Lion of Judah