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Berlande Millus (Vivienne) is thrilled to be touring the US with Legally Blonde! Credits: Sister Act The Musical (Tina/ Deloris US), Little Shop of Horrors (Ronette), Shrek The Musical (Ensemble). Thanks to Franck Casting, the creative team and of course to Mommy, Cece, Jay, Alex, Sabrina, the fur babies, and God. IG:@Berlandejacob

Legally Blonde the musical is wrapping up its tour in California with stops in Folsom (4/5-7), Santa Barbara (4/9-10) and Thousand Oaks (4/11-14). And supporting star, Berlande Millus, is ready to make the most of her first time on the West Coast while wowing audiences nightly as determined and feisty Vivienne Kensington.

I was thrilled to chat with Berlande for a few minutes about her time on tour and future plans so without further ado…

The Joyous Living: Vivienne is a complex and somewhat mysterious character. How would you describer her to the audience?
Berlande Millus: She’s definitely hard working, very ambitious. She is a girl who has her ten year plan laid out and that’s why any time there’s a disturbance in that is why she gets feisty to say the least.

The Joyous Living: In the finale your character gets to let loose and have fun. What tunes make you want to personally let loose?
Berlande: Personally? “I Want to Dance With Somebody“, Whitney Houston, or “Last Dance“, Donna Summer. I guess I’m definitely into the older things.

The Joyous Living: Would you like to play the Donna Summer role in Summer: The Donna Summer Musical?
Berlande: Absolutely. There’s actually an audition coming up for [the national tour] so hopefully I can make it when I get back to New York. [Fingers crossed for you, Berlande!]

The Joyous Living: What is on your playlist while traveling around the States?
Berlande: Honestly, because we spend a lot of time traveling and there’s always a lot of commotion going on I’ve been listening to a lot of meditation tunes or even podcasts to keep me centered and grounded because we don’t have a lot of consistency being in a new state, city, or time zone. I am also reading Michelle Obama’s Becoming and that’s my favorite read right now too.

The Joyous Living: Have you been to Santa Barbara before?
Berlande: This is my first time on the West Coast. I had In n Out burger for the first time. It was pretty good, definitely worth the hype.

The Joyous Living: Any fun plans in Santa Barbara and Thousand Oaks?
Berlande: A couple of us wanted to find a beach, nail salon and European wax spa when we get there.

The Joyous Living: While traveling, do you have a must have when traveling from dressing room to dressing room?
Berlande: I have a picture of my dog in my wallet at all times and a cast mate gave a frame with a picture of my dog in it so I put that out. And I use my diffuser with my essential oils to once again to familiarize myself and the scents help me feel balanced at home a little bit but also to clear the air.

The Joyous Living: Aside from auditioning for Donna Summers, what are your plans for after the tour?
Berlande: I have a couple auditions but I don’t want to go into details about them because – knock on wood! ? Heading back to New York though — Home Sweet Home.

The Joyous Living: One last question. If Vivienne could be bffs with anyone in the show (aside from Elle) who would it be?
Berlande: I think she’d be best friends with Enid because even though they are very different in their approach and ideals, I think they are both very headstrong and go for what they want when the want it and they did both get the internship. I think Vivienne would see Enid on her own level. Both with a ten year plan and hardworking and feisty.

Show: Legally Blonde the Musical (Non Equity Tour)