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Who watched tonight’s season premiere of Last Man Standing? I had a great time at a friend’s home this evening where we ate dinner, played Clue and watched Tim Allen‘s victorious return to the little screen.

Filming Experience

For those of you who remember my July 16th post, I had the pleasure of attending the filming of this episode at CBS Studios in Studio City thanks to Audiences Unlimited with my mom and one of my bffs (who I watched the show with tonight, in fact).

Accessible Friendly?

For those of you with an accessible disability like myself, you might be wondering how accommodating the studios are. I would say YES and NO at the same time.

First of all, CBS Studios is kind enough to provide cart transportation to/from the set to the audience holding area.

You need to let Audiences Unlimited know in advance and also when you arrive so they can have a cart ready when its your turn to head over to the set.

They will also make an effort to find seats for you and your party in the front row so you can avoid the stairs.

There is still quite a lot of walking and standing required, including at the holding area where the standing can be lengthy and the walk up to the main road is fairly steep.

Last Man Standing, Season 7. (c) Fox Studios.

Tonight’s Episode:

Did you love tonight’s episode? I loved it when it was being filmed and just as much tonight. Tim Allen and the cast are so very talented and hilarious with the lines gliding off their tongues like honey and catching endless laughs.  The two new cast members will likely take time to warm up to but I was definitely impressed with the young man, Jet Jurgensmeyer, who plays Boyd, who’d been rapid aged to a pre-teen.

I really hope that many of my friends see this episode of Last Man Standing on Fox because it speaks so well to the chaotic and divisive season our country is experiencing. And the writers did a good job of addressing the need to communicate without being judgmental or using a (fictional) podium. That’s something our country needs more of — less judgement, more communication and lots more love.

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