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UPDATE: Knott’s Scary Farm returns in 2021.

Girlfriends (and guy friends), Are you brave enough to enter Knott’s Scary Farm this October? I was so excited to get an opportunity to go with some gorgeous So Cal Blogger Babes that I took the plunge and entered the land of zombies and creepy crawly things with the hope of making it out alive with a clean pair of pants and heart safely tucked away in my chest cavity. And thankfully I survived thanks to countless laughs, a gaggle of girlfriends to hold on to and laser guns!

Curious what the experience was like? Want to know how accessible are the mazes at Knott’s Scary Farm? I’ve answered a few questions that were on my mind going into this fun night and hopefully, my answers will be of help for you guys too!

Will I Wet My Pants?

If you have never gone to Knott’s Scary Farm, a haunted house or any sort of Halloween party (Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom doesn’t count) – be prepared for a ghoulish time with dense fog, actors who delight in jumping out and making you scream with surprise, long queues, a need to quench your thirst from all the laughing and screaming (and humidity), and an all-around fun time!

I am a scardy cat and made it out alive and with my heart pounding a million miles a minute (seriously! it is a good thing I am not using a pacemaker) but also with a big grin on my face from all the unexpected fun. So if you are like me and worried you might pee your pants (couldn’t think of a more ladylike description hehe) you have no need to fear making it out alive, especially if you are surrounded by girlfriends like my #SoCalBloggerBabes.

How Accessible Are the Mazes at Knott’s Scary Farm?

I took my foldable cane and had no troubles inside the mazes getting in and out. The walkways were even and I had a wide breadth to move. Perhaps the actors were keeping an extra distance because of the cane? Either way, I didn’t feel like I was going to hit someone with my cane by accident or tumble in the dark.

Due to my weakness, the only trouble I had was standing in the LONG queues (and this was early October so I cannot even imagine how long those queues are now!) There were a few benches scattered here and there but they were not a reliable occurrence hence why I ended up pulling my cane out during the first queue.

So if you have trouble standing still for long stretches of time, I’d recommend bringing your wheelchair and/or investing in a Fast Lane Pass ($75 extra) which will hopefully save you a lot of waiting time.

What is the Best Maze?

Hands down, I LOVED “Special OPS: Infected” that required guests to use laser guns to shoot at the zombies and at the end, the gun tells you how many kills you had. It was a fun competition and also a great interactive maze compared to the traditional maze where you are just walking through and getting startled here and there.

Another benefit was that once you got inside the hanger where the 2nd half of the queue was (and the maze) you also had benches along the walls to sit and rest. A score for the accessible relief.

How Do I Stay Hydrated?

Alcohol is sold along the thoroughfares but beware that you cannot bring your drinks into the mazes themselves so you have to time it just so to be finished beforehand.

Thankfully at each maze (I think) there were Quick Service Food and Beverage carts selling bottled waters and sodas as well as candies and the usual.

Why It’s Best to Go with Your Girlfriends?

Nothing unites you better than laughing and screaming your way through the scare zones and mazes.

I literally met the #SoCalBloggerBabes THAT night at the entrance to Knott’s Berry Farm and walked away with new girlfriends and some amazing memories.

The Joyous Living SoCalBloggerBabes Knott's Scary Farm Group Shot

If you’re a scardy cat like me, you’ll appreciate having a group of friends to surround yourself with. Figure out where the actors like to pop up and time it just so that you’re not targeted! Or stick to the middle of the group.

Heck who says you can’t link arms when walking through the scare zone together?

Who else is going to take those fun pictures of you?

For the Instagrammer, there are dozens of fun backdrops you can take photos at inside Knott’s.

Just remember that no flash photography is allowed inside Scare Zones and other designated areas. And since it is dark, you might consider bringing a selfie LED light for your iPhone.

You’ll Be Glad You Carpooled

I sadly did not carpool but you guys will be eternally grateful if you do because parking rates go up during the evening (!) from $20 to $22 during Scary Farm.

For those with accessibility issues, the best parking spot will be near the California Marketplace. Guests with a disabled placard may park there for the standard rate.

However, be warned that the parking attendants will try to get you to park in one of the parking lots on the outskirts. I think I spent a good 1/2 hour trying to get to a parking spot that wouldn’t require a hike and even then I didn’t end up at the closest lot.

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The Who, What and Where:


Now – 2 November 2019

Ticket Prices:

$45+ (Buy online to save $$ at the gate)


Knott’s Berry Farm, 8039 Beach Blvd., Buena Park, CA 90620, USA

Save time by using Knotts Ave or Magnolia Ave.


$22 for regular cars.

Accessible parking in ALL lots. The closest lot will be California Marketplace (requires disabled placards to get the $22 parking rate).

Accessible Tips:

Bring a cane, walker, or wheelchair because there will be a LOT of walking and standing!!

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The Joyous Living Knott's Scary Farm SoCal Blogger Babes Review

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Disclaimer: My ticket was sponsored by SoCal Blogger Babes and Knott’s Scary Farm but all opinions are my own.