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Woopp! Just signed up for the 2019 April A to Z Challenge. I loved participating in 2016, 2017 and sadly didn’t have the energy to do it in 2018 with my pneumonia and PAP problems but now that I’m out of the hospital I am eager for some normalcy and a chance to blog away so I will be participating in the 2019 challenge Lord willing.

Due to my physical disabilities I am still having troubles with typing and have yet to find the right dictation service that is helpful so I am going to try to write my posts in advance (and yes I am starting this whole process late, woops but i was in hospital last week and on oxygen with zilch energy/etc. since October so that’s a good excuse :)).

And now for the exciting part.

My theme reveal…

This year I will be using the challenge to share about my favourite musicals and plays from A to Z. I reckon some letters will be tough to come by but I will get creative (hehe). I hope you will enjoy tagging along on this journey with me and will hopefully learn something new and/or be able to share something new with me!

Happy Challenge to all! xo