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Inspirational speakers are as numerous as the stars in the sky but once in a while along comes one that you has you sitting up in your chair and in rapture. Today such a speaker spoke at The Bridge Church in Newbury Park and her name is Jamye Sack.
Today’s key speaker, Jamye Sack, is a Southern California native who released her debut book, The Red Carpet Heart: Awaken Your Heart, Fulfill Your Dreams, Walk Confidently in the Real You, last February (2014) and has had speaking engagements at churches in the area but I have a suspicion that she will truly be taking the Christian women of America by storm one day soon with her contagious energy, passion and zeal for Christ and his plan for our lives.
Rocking her killer heels, Jamye, a mother of two, was poised, charming, confident, and had the energy of a much younger woman.
What makes Jamye so personable and her message so enjoyable, aside from her infectious personality is her openness and transparency – willingness to share her life story in order to strengthen her lesson. Unfortunately that same openness (stories from her past) is not in her book but I have no doubt that the book is still worth a read, although I have personally not bought or read it.
So what did I take away from today’s session (granted, I only attended the first one for health reasons)? I was happily reminded of how much our Abba Father in Heaven loves us and that we aren’t the runt of the litter but rather a favourite and cherished child. Incredible to think about. Amazing to try and comprehend the amount of love God passes on to each of us.
In times like today with so much animosity, I hope all my readers and friends will know how much I love our Father in Heaven and how I long to spread his love to all I come into contact with, sure I fail (A LOT) but let’s love, love, love. <3
So if you are looking for a new devotional or some spiritual encouragement/’viagra’ I heartily recommend a visit to Jamye’s blog/website and perhaps even a read of her book.
Now let’s see what we can do about all this love God the Father has poured out and entrusted us with! I have some ideas up my sleeve that have me excited…

Disclaimer: My opinions are in no way affiliated with Jamye Sack, The Red Carpet Heart and The Bridge but I hope they have been of use to you.

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