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Hi guys.

I am back from the hospital and what an eventful trip that started last Thursday. To make a long story shorter, I was having shortness of breath and excessive weakness that I could only attribute to the pulmonary problems I was having. The nurse at my doctor’s office, Tina, was incredible and after talking through my current symptoms with me she was able to get me a noon appointment with my doctor’s new partner, Dr. Ali Farrokh, who was fabulous and extremely helpful. He was not satisfied with my symptoms nor with my latest CT Scan that showed changes since I was last in the hospital in February. Incredibly and to show how incredible this office is (that came highly recommended in the spring) my doctor (who was not even technically working that afternoon) drove me himself to the ER!! And thanks to Dr. Farrokh calling ahead to the ER, I was whisked inside and immediately processed by the triage nurse and doctor before having vitals drawn and getting another CT Scan and X Ray taken. Afterwards was when the waiting really began but thankfully I had a bed (in a two person bedroom) and my dad and one of my bffs came to visit so I wasn’t want for company. Finally around dinner time I was told there was a room available for my upstairs. Interesting side note, I was never seen by the ER doctor again after our initial consultation so why I had to wait nearly 4 hours I do not know.

I learned while in hospital that because of my symptoms and my changing CT Scan I was to have a lung biopsy. Dr. Farrokh consulted with Dr. Winnie Lee (a fabulous and personable surgeon) about the best approach and they decided upon an open lung biopsy. My hospital provider believed I wouldn’t have my surgery until at least Monday because of the weekend so imagine my surprise when I learned I was to have my surgery first thing Saturday morning! The surgery went without complications and after being doped up on pain medicines in recovery I was given a room on the 3rd floor where I had such excellent care from two nurses in particular (Tiffany and Erica).

I was brought back home from hospital the other day and the pain is still very real and limiting so I’ve been using my gel packs non stop in addition to medicine to keep the pain manageable.

I just learned today from Dr. Lee that the preliminary biopsy results have come back diagnosing a rare disease so Dr. Farrokh has sent the biopsies out for a second evaluation. So we shall have to wait a couple more weeks and see what is to be done…

In the meantime I shall try to keep the blog updated despite having missed several great review opportunities at Conejo Players and 5 Star Theatricals. And I have just discovered two great aids for those of us who need to be careful about not getting certain parts of our body wet (apparently if I get my incision wet it will lead to a collapsed lung :o):

Until next time…

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