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Wow. What does one do when they are ready to spit bullets and scream at the top of their lungs? They write a blog. They post on every possible social media site about their dissatisfaction. Man, I rarely get this fired up about something but believe this deserves my time and energy to educate others about the horrendous company called IAA Auctions. Likely you’ll never have to deal with them but if you do – be aware!

Yesterday I raved about the amazing AAA Car Buying Service and customer service I received from AAA and Toyota Santa Monica. Not so today. Because my car was deemed a total loss, Geico after a long overdrawn process cut a cheque for me and scheduled IAA Auctions to come pick up the car. I was told by my Geico vehicle inspector, Cody Eid, that the car would be picked up in the morning hours. I received a call last night from a Las Vegas number informing me that the tow truck would be coming today to pick up the car and I asked to receive an ETA call from the driver.

My Experience

At eleven o’clock I had not heard anything from IAA Auctions nor the tow truck driver so I called the number that had called me yesterday. A nice enough guy (who sounded bored to death) gave me the number for the North Hollywood office and my call was answered by SABRINA. I asked for an ETA and explained that I had errands to run and needed to know how much longer I had to wait. She said there was no way she could get me that information. I asked (nicely) if she would please call the driver and get an ETA and that I would wait on the line. She said she could not do that. I asked to speak to her supervisor. She said her supervisor could not do that either. I asked again (now getting frustrated) to speak to her supervisor. She put me on hold and came back and said that she was going to transfer me to IST Dispatch. What? I asked. I had never heard of IST. What was that. I asked and she said they would help me. I said what is IST and again she refused to tell me. I asked to speak to the manager and she said her manager told her to put me through to IST. I tried to ask again who the heck she was transferring me to but she cut me off and suddenly I hear the phone ring. WHAT THE HECK?

IST it turns out is the tow truck company that is contracted to work with IAA Auctions but it sure would have been nice if SABRINA had told me that. Right? Luckily I received great customer service from IST’s Dominique who got in touch with the tow truck driver for me.

But I was still seething about SABRINA and the way she handled the situation. So I called North Hollywood back again and the girl who answered the phone didn’t give her name so I assumed it was Sabrina (turned out not to be) so when I asked to speak to a supervisor I refused to give my name thinking Sabrina would terminate the call. The supervisor it turns out refused to take my call when I wouldn’t give my name… She said I had to leave a message because the supervisor was unavailable. Should have seen the red flags there but when I asked the rep on the phone what her name is I finally gave in and gave my name. I told the rep that I was calling to complain to the manager about Sabrina and really needed to speak to someone. Finally what do you know but the supervisor is now available. Really? Didn’t she just try to ignore me and refused my call? LOL! Miracles! The supervisor – OLGA – was testy and on edge probably ready for some fight due to what I had told the other girl who transferred me. I explained how upset I was about the way SABRINA treated me and handled the situation. She shot back that Sabrina was trying to help me. I pointed out that Sabrina refused to explain what IST is, refused to put me through to the supervisor, refused to help me when I first asked. Olga kept interrupting me (and that made me see red even more so) and insisting Sabrina was helping me. Really??? I gave up reasoning with Olga who didn’t give a care and explained heatedly that I was going to write a review about the terrible customer service and here’s the best part — we’ll add you to our list too!


Ooooh, so scary. Frankly I never want to do business with this horrible company again and if it weren’t for Geico’s contract with them, I would never have heard of this shady business but that’s that. But really to threaten me like that, Olga? Do you think I would be scared?

Geico — please do all customers and victims of car accidents a huge favor and cut ties with this terrible company that doesn’t know the definition of customer service. And also having the not at fault individual (aka me) go out of my way to have my car checked, get the cheque, and drop off the car (as an alternative to having the car towed from my residence) is extremely inconvenient. What happened to when inspectors came to your address to do the inspection there?

What happened to making the experience as painless as possible for the not at fault party?


I just spoke with Cody Eid, my Geico vehicle inspector, who apologized for the difficulty I experienced. I appreciated him reaching out. But he said it perfectly when he said – “They (IAA) don’t typically deal with customers SO THEY JUST DON’T CARE.” That’s the truth of it. They even UNtagged themselves from my Instagram post. They don’t even care enough to reach out in response just to UNtag themselves, lol. I did have a guy reach out on Facebook but after I sent my review he never replied, LOL.