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Goodness, where to begin! This ingenious book, How to Get Dressed, is the #1 best seller in “Fashion Craft” on Amazon and I can see why! Alison Freer, a costumer designer in Hollywood, clothes editor on, and now an author of How to Get Dressed: A Costume Designer’s Secrets for Making Your Clothes Look, Fit and Feel Amazing (just out!) who believes that there are NO rules for fashion and makes fashion seem fun for everyone – not just those who can afford Alison’s styling and look like Kate Moss.
So where to begin… How about the fact that this is a wonderfully inclusive book aimed at women (and men!) of all shapes, sizes, and styles! You don’t have to be Kate Moss or Kate Beckinsale to take advantage of Alison’s tips and techniques nor will you feel like this is a rehash of everything you already know if you are a fashionista. This truly is a book for everyone and boy am I glad.

So what are my favorite bits of the book? Too many to count! And how refreshing is that? Each page in the book reads as if it could be featured in Cosmo or any number of fashion glossies. There are tips for how to remove a bloodstain (who even thinks of that until it’s too late), how to keep your bra strap from showing (Hello! doesn’t everyone have that problem now and again?) and how to create your own signature look. There’s even a section on those unmentionables. 😉


What I love about Alison’s writing style is the humorous and conversational approach where it’s as if she’s a girlfriend sitting across from you at the local coffee shop. I don’t feel like I am being lectured, nor do I feel a fool for not knowing things and seriously who wants to feel anything but chic and fabulous when discussing fashion and clothing?
So go grab yourself a copy of How to Get Dressed and have fun getting to know your closet and yourself all the better for it!
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Alison Freer How to Get Dressed Book Review