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With the Ancestry® app you can explore your family stories anytime, anywhere. But how can I best use the app? What are the negatives and positives of using the app?

Apple Watch Features:

• Receive new hint notifications with photo previews.

• Save and ignore photo hints right from your Apple Watch.

• Keep up with comments and add your own with voice dictation.

• Get on-this-day alerts for events from your family history.


iPhone and iPad Features:

• Ancestry Hints® automatically find records, photos, and stories about your family

• In just a few taps create, edit, and see your family tree

• Access more than 14 billion historical records, photos, and more

• Sync automatically with your Ancestry account

• Easily upload photos and add facts or stories to your family tree

• Add family members to your tree from Facebook

• Learn about historical events that affected your ancestors

How can I use the Ancestry IOS app? #atozchallenge #ancestry #thejoyousliving

3 Ancestry App Glitches:

  • The most annoying glitch is that every so often on the app when I find a *hint* I want to look at on the app – I will get a popup saying I need a paid membership to access said *hint*. Thankfully after a couple more tries I will usually be able to access the same *hint* okay.


  • Sometimes when you do a search on the app, you will try to add something to your family tree. Perhaps it is a census or a photograph. When the app should remove the fact you just added to your tree, it will sometimes remove the fact above or below that right one. That means you won’t be able to see the hint/fact unless you do a completely new search.


  • When accessing census records or yearbook photos, you cannot scroll to the page before and after the record, you have found. Often times, yearbook photos will list your ancestor on one page but your ancestor’s picture will be on the other page. So it’d be so helpful if you could access the next page on these records.

3 Best Reasons to Use the Ancestry App:

  • Do you have chronic pain? Arthritis in your hands? If you have pains typing on a standard keyboard, you’ll love being able to use the iPad or iPhone touch keyboard. This will allow you to work much longer on your family tree than you would be able to do with a standard keyboard.


  • It is so helpful when you can two separate screens for research. Imagine you’re doing some research on the internet, you can do the research on your computer and use the Ancestry App on your iPad. Double screens!


  • (In my opinion) it is easier to add a relative and/or fact on the Ancestry App versus on the desktop website.
Should I use Ancestry's website or the iOS App? #ancestry #chronicpain #atozchallenge #thejoyousliving

Best Subscription Options

If you’re wanting to get a subscription to you will have options on both the digital website and the iOS app.

On the iOS app, you can only pay for a month to month subscription.

On the Ancestry desktop website, you can pay monthly or save money by getting a 3 month or 6 month subscription at a discounted price.

So if you think you’ll be doing a family search for a while, I’d recommend getting a membership on the digital website and using that login information on your iOS app.


Enjoy! Happy Hunting!