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A visit to Highgate is incomplete without a tour of the West Cemetery. The tour lasts approximately an hour and is led by one of the trained volunteers. For £12 you get both a tour of the West Cemetery and a ticket to walk through the East Cemetery but during the week these tickets MUST be purchased in advance. On the weekends, you can walk up for a tour every 1/2 hour that it is open. For more information, visit their website.
The tour begins in the courtyard where a tour guide (Ian, in this instance) is able to give a history of the cemetery.
Afterwards you are led up into the cemetery where you will be awed by all the gorgeous monuments, graves and memorials lining the avenues.
One of the architectural highlights is the Egyptian Avenue which is an example of the Victorian interest in Egyptian architecture and style.
Follow through the Egyptian Avenue and you’ll come to the Circle of Lebanon where the likes of Radclyffe Hall are buried in the vaults.
On the day we took our tour, it was raining which actually made for an excellent peaceful atmosphere. Umbrellas are provided by the cemetery to any guests in need.
 For those animal lovers, here are just a few lovelies.
The cemetery is beautiful and you can only see a small portion during the tour but it is well worth a visit and I cannot more highly recommend a Saturday tour with Ian who is very knowledgeable and entertaining.
Trivia: Did you know that the British and Americans say “cemetery” differently?
British: Sem-e-tri
American: Sem-e-ter-i