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Can you believe it is already the end of the January 2017? It feels like only yesterday that I came home from London in 2014. Of course a lot as happened since then as you can tell from my blog and various posts on Twitter and Facebook. However one thing that I have definitely learned set of coming home is that you must always trust and listen to your gut instinct. Especially when it comes to your health it is ever so critical to listen to that inner voice and not be deterred by what doctors, friends, and even sometimes logic will tell you.

I was told by doctors that I did not need to see a neurologist. They said that I had chronic fatigue syndrome and there was not much more they can do for me even though I’ve been sick and unable to do school or work for almost 2 years. So when I kept insisting that I would really like to see a neurologist they kept pushing me off. But I listen thankfully to my InterVoice and got instinct and requested a second opinion from another doctor. The doctor I found, Dr. Veloso, was truly a godsend. She listened to my concerns and she made an authorization and request for me to see a neurologist and to get my brain MRI last summer.

Thankfully, it was the right call because the neurologist, Dr. Alboiny, decided to further the study and ordered several more MRIs that summer. One of these MRIs showed that I had cervical stenosis of the spine. This would never have been detected if I did not persisted and listening to my InterVoice and my new doctors had not been so thorough and supportive. Fast-forward less than a month after receiving this new diagnosis and I was having surgery at USC Keck hospital under the supervision of yet another incredible doctor, Dr. Hah.

I am still a long way out from being better and back to my usual self. However as my mom and dad reminded me I have so much to be thankful for and the fact that we listened to our instincts and trusted our gut reaction by pursuing the need to see a neurologist, getting another doctor, seeking out the best option that my healthcare would allow at Keck Hospital, and having surgery. If we had not done all those things or been blessed with so many great doctors this past summer who knows where I would be-I could even be paraplegic Lord forbid if something had not been discovered in time.

All this to say, if you are also having health issues I cannot more highly recommend that you listen to your gut instinct and pursued the best course of action and treatment for yourself. You are your best advocate and at time your only advocate. So stay focused, be encouraged and know that somewhere it there is an answer. For me that answer partially was cervical stenosis of the spine and also as I’ve discovered in the last month or so fibromyalgia and lyme disease. And even there I had to fight tooth and nail to get said diagnosis and I fear especially with the lyme disease diagnosis it will continue to be an upward battle.

Stay Positive!
Until Next time,
Joy x

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