Health: Siri and Dictation

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For two years now I have been struggling with my health. We originally thought it was chronic fatigue syndrome, or as some people call it post viral syndrome, but have sense realize it is even more complicated. Doctors discovered that I had cervical stenosis of the spine the summer when they did an MRI looking for multiple sclerosis. Pretty ironic, I’d say. So what do you do when you have troubles with your hands on a continual basis?
One of my main issues has to do with my hands and my inability to write, type, use my utensils, hold the phone, etc. But it was not until this summer that my mom suggested I use Apple’s Siri and dictation services for dictating text messages. What a genious suggestion! Can dictate text messages, notes on my health, and can even dictate blog posts. Sure there are some problems with Siri or dictation thinking I say one thing when I mean another thing. For instanace, Siri and dictation did not seem to know how to spell Evita when I was reviewing Cabrillo Music Theatre’s latest production.

All in all it has been a great tool and assistant. Sure there are many things to tweak and it is a learning curve. However if I did not have Siri and dictation on my iPhone and MacBook I would be in a world of trouble unable to do a lot of communication. I just hope that Apple decides to add Siri and dictation to their iPad as well.

To start dictation on your MacBook, click the edit tab and then on the start dictation option. In order to use dictation on your iPhone, click on the microphone next to the spacebar in the IOS keyboard.

If you are also experiencing troubles with your hands and have any suggestions for ways to work around those troubles please share in the comments below. I hope this is been helpful for anybody who share my difficulties and that this helps explain why it’s been so long since I was able to do some blogging the summer. I hope to have some further blog posts about my recent surgery and health.

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