Happy Autumn!

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Have you been enjoying this countdown series? It’s been fun coming up with ideas of how to celebrate the last weeks of summer and get ready for autumn. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have. So tomorrow is the big day — autumn! The first day of autumn is 23 September according to the astrological calendar. 

TRIVIA: Fall Equinox starts at 9:54 pm E.S.T.

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I wanted to share some ideas for how you can make the most of autumn:

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  • Capture your dog/cat/pet in black and white. You might just have something worth framing or at least sharing with your friends on social media. There’s something about a black and white photograph that speaks of autumn.
  • (c) The Joyous Living.

    • Break out your cookbook and practice some holiday baking.  Maybe some cinnamon bread?
    (c) the Joyous Living.

    • Get ready for the holidays by adding a splash of color to your wardrobe in readiness to meet Santa himself. My skirt above (2016) is no longer in stock but I bought it for a deal on Amazon.

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