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Friday, 25 October, my parents celebrated their wedding anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!
Sunday, 27 October, their best friends invited them (and me!) to dinner at Lure in Westlake Village to celebrate. What followed was a delightful evening devouring a scrumptious dinner. When we arrived at 5:20, we were almost immediately seated in a booth by the windows. Hot bread and butter were served as we checked out their menu.

The bread! O my gosh! It was so warm that the butter melted within seconds; Yum Yum.
A crab cake appetizer was ordered much to my delight as I have never had one before. The crab cakes had lots of flavor and tasted similar, IMO, to a tuna melt. The corn salsa had a kick of spice but complimented the crab cakes brilliantly.
Our crab cake appetizers.
And everyone’s fish was delicious!
I ordered the Wild Mahi Mahi.

Everything was terrific from service to food to ambience.

The bar at Lure was bursting with people watching the game and waiting for tables.