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A – Alexei Harlamov

Harlamov was a true success story. He was born the son of serfs in Russia who didn’t gain their freedom until he was approximately 10 years old and rose to such eminence that he was considered a favorite of Empress Maria Fedorovna and Queen Victoria.

Portrait of a Young Woman.

R – Homer

The author known as Homer is best known for his epic poems, The Odyssey and The Illiad. But you might be surprised by how many quotes you can pull from his writings…

My heart has learned to glow for other's good #homer #quote #atozchallenge #thejoyousliving

T – “Heavy Meddle” (Last Man Standing)

Sanders & Ephraim. (c) ABC

I have seriously been replaying Last Man Standing‘s recent episode entitled: “Heavy Meddle” for the last few weeks.

Mandy (Molly Ephraim) and Kyle (Christoph Sanders) are too, too funny! They obviously have a great time getting into character and their fun is contagious even through the t.v. screen. Their chemistry and timing are *perfect* and both characters are extra lovable and tend to elicit the most laughter next to comedic geniuses Tim Allen and Nancy Travis. They feature in three scenes and this episode is a great reminder of why they are so well-loved…

Even if you don’t watch the show, if you are a fan of comedy and bucket loads of cuteness, take a peek at the episode playing on

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