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Hi Loves. I have been blogging for 6 years and on social media here and there since. However, it was not until 6 months ago that I decided to take my Instagram seriously and so I deleted all my photos and restarted with a black and white layout using only black and white photos.


I also advantageously joined a group called Grl Power Loop that hosts 3 Follow for Follow loops a week as well as Likes for Likes engagement threads.

Unfollowers and No Follow Backs

I had tried several other follow for follow loops to no avail. Each time the number of unfollows and no follow backs outweighed the positive of a few follow backs.

Yes, #GrlPowerLoop suffers from unfollowers and no follow backs too. However, I believe the amount of genuine followers far outweighs the negatives.

Genuine Blogger Friends

I have #GrlPowerLoop to thank for a dozen or so genuine blogger/Instagram friends whom I enjoy catching up with on Instagram and make a point of liking their posts and they mine.

A few such ladies include:

The Best Admins Ever!

And I love the two admins who put so much effort into the group!

Natalie Bowers (@nothinbutcozy_) is a cat mama and amazing quilter and crafting bee (Joann’s employee).  She sells her handmade quilts on Instagram for an average of $45 plus shipping.

Alexa (@dew.drop.designs) is not only a lawyer but also a designer of everything from vinyl to paper to decor, specializing in personalization.

The ladies take an interest in the ladies of the loop and you always feel respected and appreciated.

They also do a terrific job of weeding out the unfollowers and rule-breakers so they are not constantly popping up in the loops. And they are generous enough to send out a list of rule breakers and ghosts (those who don’t have to follow back because they paid for their inclusion) to all loop members. You break the rules = You Are Blocked.

Of course, only members of the loop will get said list so it’s best to join the loop officially.

How to Participate in the Loop:

The loop occurs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 12 pm PST and ends at 12 pm PST the next day.

Participants must follow 3 simple rules:

1️⃣ #FOLLOW @grlpowerloop & our admins @nothinbutcozy_ & @dew.drop.designs 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️
2️⃣ FOLLOW EVERYONE that @grlpowerloop is following! ☑️
3️⃣ LIKE & SAVE this post & comment “I love this loop!” 😘
… and watch the followers come in 🤗

Those who participate in the loop (unofficially) would be best encouraged to follow the loop and those the loop follows (the loop members) the next morning after most rule breakers have been removed by the admins.

Of course, they cannot guarantee that everyone will follow you back (especially not ghosts who pay for the privilege) but they try their best to eliminate the bad eggs from the mix.

My Experience:

At first, I was a simple participant and gained nearly a hundred followers. Soon afterwards I joined as a member of the loop and within 6 months I have gained over 6k followers (surely not all are from the loop but probably 80-90% result from the loop.)

And I have paid $0 for followers!

The Joyous Living Instagram Feed

The biggest tip I can give (aside from joining #GrlPowerLoop) would be to download an Unfollower app on your smartphone to keep track of your unfollowers. I use the free “Followers” app made by 2 Creative Monsters LLC.

But remember NOT to unfollow ghosts and admins who do not have to follow everyone or you will be blocked from the group.

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Are you part of a follow for follow loop? Have you ever tried #GrlPowerLoop? My dogs (@hastingsalyosha) have even joined on occasion.

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