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Hi Guys!

Time for another “Giving Thanks” post and immediately my mind went to my doctors. Boy am I thankful for my amazing doctors. I have been out of hospital for 2 weeks and even though I am far from healed and back to how I was feeling beforehand, I am sure grateful for my incredible medical doctors who have handled my case with the utmost care and compassion.

As you might remember from my previous post “I’m Back!“, I had an open lung biopsy at Los Robles Hospital on 20 October 2018. It turns out that I was sent to the hospital in part because I had 48% on my in-office spirometry on the 18th. Fast forward to 1 November and I went in to see both Dr. Farrokh (pulmonary medicine) and Dr. Lee (surgeon). Dr. Lee was so super sweet and at my follow-up she gave me a big hug and made me promise to write her with an update. I loved how sweet she is and according to her nurse she is well loved by all her patients.

Dr. Farrokh was very kind too and spent ample time with me even though my appointment was squeezed in at the end of the day. He and his partner, Dr. Giron, are both so kind and compassionate. They take their time with patients and are so caring that you might remember Dr. Giron even drove me to the ER on the 18th. I mean seriously – how many doctors drive their patients to the ER?!

Turns out that the biopsy results suggest a very rare disease and Drs. Giron and Farrokh are not convinced it is the right diagnosis. So Dr. Farrokh has sent my records over to his friend, Dr. Chaux, at Cedar Sinai hoping that Dr. Chaux and his team will be able to help define what is really going on. In the meantime, I am wearing oxygen full-time and using my spirometer every ten to fifteen minutes and my nebulizer twice a day in the hopes that it will help strengthen my lungs. [Interesting tidbit – Medicare will help with the costs of the nebulizing medicine but will not cover the cost of the machine.]

The nice thing about my Imogen oxygen rental is that it includes both a portable machine I can use when going to doctor visits and a home machine. Thanks to two extension tubing and swivel connectors, I am able to setup the machine at home and thanks to my looooong cord I can move around easily throughout the home. #Sweet

I hope you too have great medical care when it is needed. Can’t wait to bring another Giving Thanks post next week. Until then,

I'm so grateful to be under the care of such amazing doctors who want to get to the bottom of my chronic illness. | The Joyous Living
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