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Happy Friday loves! Today I wanted to give thanks for the furry friends who exude love and support and companionship.

Missing Captain Hastings

When I was in hospital last month, aside from the essentials the one I wanted to see most was my sweet baby, Captain Hastings Alyosha. Whenever my parents came to visit at hospital the first I would ask about was Hastings and whether he missed me, lol. I know they took good care of my baby when I was at hospital but just thinking of him made me want to get out of hospital even faster. I wanted to cuddle with my little man (as much as he was willing to, lol) and soak up his love.
Hastings + me, February 2017. (c) The Joyous Living.

Coming Home from Hospital

Coming home I had just had an open lung biopsy, and had a new portable oxygen machine and didn’t know what to expect from my little man who typically is barking and going in circles with excitement. He sometimes even is jumping on your legs in his joy at having his family home again.
Thankfully (so I didn’t end up on my bum on the floor, lol) Hastings seemed to understand my weakened condition and was extra quiet and gentle when I walked through the door. All the same, I could feel his love and his excitement to have his mummy home with him after a five-day separation.

Dogs are the Best Nurses

Since coming home, he’s been attentive and loving. There are extra cuddles and extra chances to rest my head against his. His companionship is a blessing I can not get enough of. And when I had caregivers for the weekend when my parents were off celebrating their anniversary he was protective and quite the little guard dog. But it’s interesting that on the last day he had come to trust the caregiver, S, whom I thought the world of and even cuddled up against her for a midday nap. Incredible!
Dogs are just that amazing and can sense what you need even if you can’t express it in words. And as my caregiver S said, he was aptly named “Captain Hastings” (after Poirot‘s faithful best friend) because he is 500% faithful and she also pointed out that he would probably give his life for me if the need arisen.
Captain Hastings curled up with the caregiver. (c) the joyous living
Hastings with S. (c) the joyous living

Giving Thanks for Furry Friends

So today, I officially launch my giving thanks series with a shout out to my incredible little boy, Captain Hastings Alyosha. And a shout out to little Tigo who is celebrating his 1st Gotcha Day since his adoption from Life Animal Rescue. I hope you too have a special furry friend.

Sharing is Caring

Did you know May 20th is National Rescue Dog Day? #nationalrescuedogday #may20 #dog #rescuedog #dogmom #furbabies #soidog #lifeanimalrescue #thejoyousliving
sharing is caring