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Looking for the right gift for your loved one? Is your loved one a book lover? I’ve put together a list of 5 gifts for the book lover in your life.

Gifts For The Book Lover

1. Reading Tablet

I think the obvious choices would be a tablet so your loved one can take their reading on the road. It took me a long time to personally transfer to the dark side (aka. electronic vs paper) but I particularly like my iPad because that means I can choose from any of my apps depending on price and/or selection.

If it is an iPad you want, your best bets would be Best Buy and B&H Photo.

2. 221b Baker Street (a board game)

This has got to be my favorite board game EVER. I believe our copy of the game was my mum’s from the ’70s and just like the detective himself, it is timeless.

Amazon has a newer version of the game for sale but based on the description I believe the games are fairly similar if not the same. You play as individuals and it is your goal to collect all the game clues and solve the mystery. Unleash your inner detective and the game is afoot with dozens of mysteries to solve.

3.  Novel Teas (for the tea lover)

I have never tried these teas but I cannot help but love the design and concept. Each tea bag (English Breakfast tea) is tagged with a literary quote! Imagine steeping your tea while pouring over your favorite novel. Stocking stuffers perhaps? Or perfect perhaps for your Secret Santa at work?

4. LapGear Tablet Pillow

Seriously, how cute are these tablet pillows? They come in all different designs and for all ages! I have never tried these personally but I think one might be making its way onto my list this year. But seriously how adorable is the doggy??

5. Out of Print Socks

If you are like you, you probably love cheerful socks especially now that the colder months are fast approaching. So how about gifting your feet or those of someone near and dear to you with some of these adorable Out Of Print socks? They have everything from Harry Potter to Sherlock Holmes to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and more!

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