Gift Guide: 2 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

The Joyous Living: Gift Guide Ways to Give Back

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43 days until Hannukah!

46 days until Christmas!

Time is flying so fast and now it is time to share with you a 3rd Gift Guide.

We’ve covered customized jewelry and theatre tickets already and now it is time to think about a way to give back with the perfect gift for the guy (or gal) you know who has everything they need. How about making a generous donation in someone’s name that will do good for so many?

Most all charities will accept a monetary donation in someone’s name. Some such as Soi Dog will even provide a lovely 8×10 certificate telling your loved one that a donation had been made in their name by you.

But a couple different options that you might not have considered are:

Sponsor a Child or Animal

Have you considered sponsoring a child in the name of your loved one? One year I sponsored a little boy in the names of my co-workers and it was a huge hit. Check out World Vision for more information about their US and UK options.

World Vision Cost (as of 11-9-2019): $39 a month, £26 a month

What’s Included:

  • Your sponsorship will provide training, tools and seeds to help families feed themselves.
  • You’ll help provide safe, clean drinking water in villages and schools.
  • You’ll help make sure every child is safe, cared for protected from abuse.


  • In 2018, UK donors transformed the lives of more than 2 million children.
  • In 2016, 1 million children worldwide benefited from sponsors in the United States.
  • World Vision was founded in the USA in 1950.
  • World Vision UK was formed in 1982.

Soi Dog Cost (as of 11-9-2019): $29 a month or £24 a month

What’s included in the sponsorship:

  • Shelter
  • Food and Medicine
  • Veterinary Care

Unique Gifts

If you would rather buy a gift in someone’s name, consider the unique gifts catalogs provided by such non-profits as World Vision and Soi Dog. You choose a gift to purchase which will benefit the children or dogs/cats of the given charity. This is popular with kids who love thinking their gifts included chickens or a well.

The World Vision UK “Must Have Gifts include everything from a football (£8) to toys for a children’s centre (£15) to a kitchen garden starter kit (£15).

The World Vision US Charity Gift Catalog includes everything from medicines ($25+) to Chickens ($25+) to a deep well ($150+).

The Soi Dog Merchandise Catalog is a bit different in that you can actually gift physical gifts to your loved ones (or virtual gifts for the cats and dogs in Thailand) knowing that ALL monies goes to Soi Dog. These gifts range from cat/dog treats virtually given to the rescue dogs/cats to hoodies and t-shirts.

The Joyous Living: 2 Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

So how do you plan on giving back this holiday season?

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  1. I love the idea of giving back instead of giving stuff. Thank you for researching this and providing ideas. I hope this goes viral!

  2. Nice gift-giving guide! Tis the season to be charitable and well as my our friends and loved ones feel special with an awesome gift! 🙂

  3. giving back is fantastic. we are doing a toy drive with the kids to a local charity. i think it’s great to show them that we need to give to kids that need it more than they do. at the same time my kids are well taken care of.

  4. I love the idea of giving back! Every year when my girls were smaller, we’d alternate. One year, they get presents, the next year they donated them all. We need to get back to that again!

  5. These are innovative and different gift ideas. It’s so hard to come up with different gift ideas — this is a great slant to take for holiday giving!

  6. What an incredible idea! We really should practice giving back more, specially when we have already been so bless. This holiday season is the perfect time to share our blessings 🙂

  7. These are lovely ideas to give back! We often get so wrapped up in our own issues and responsibilities that we forget about others.

  8. I really like the idea of making a donation in someone’s name. Sometimes it is so hard to find a perfect gift for people who already have everything, so helping kids or animals on their name would be a really meaningful gift.

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