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Happy Sunday! Time for another gift guide suggestion. Most gifts I have suggested thus far have been for you to give your friends and family and co-workers. But what about yourself? What about those little niceties you need around the house? Well, today is your lucky day because I have found a lovely and INEXPENSIVE stainless steel bar set perfect for your next BBQ or party.

Estilo (whose bamboo baby wash cloths I reviewed recently) offers the amateur bartender/party host(ess)/drink affectionato a chance to acquire a 13 piece collection capable of mixing, measuring, stirring, straining, and pouring your own cocktails and mixed drinks. And at a very economical and affordable price of $12.99 (on sale at Amazon).

The collection includes:
15 & 30 oz. Cocktail Shakers.
Cocktail Jigger (1/4 x 3/4).
Speed Beer Opener.
Waiter Corkscrew with Knife.
4 Prong Julep Strainer.
11 inch Red Knob Bar Spoon.
6 x black plastic Liquor Bottle Pourers.

All products are dishwasher safe and stainless steel (aside from the plastic pourers). I was particularly impressed with the weight and the durability of the corkscrew and bar spoon and strainer.  While this is in no way what I would call “professional quality” it is a decent collection of mixing tools perfect for your next holiday party or to give someone who loves to entertain. While the corkscrew it is not as nice as the corkscrew I reviewed in October (currently on sale for the same price of $12.99), I would still say this is a good deal! You’re getting two shakers, a jigger, a beer opener (and heavens it seems my friends who drink beer can never have enough openers lying around the place LOL), corkscrew with a useful knife, strainer, bar spoon and 6 pourers. At $12.99, can you really complain?

 Disclaimer: I received this Estilo bar set for review purposes but all opinions are my own.

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