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Good morning! I am thrilled to present my 4th SPOTLIGHT feature wrapping up our focus on the incredible work that Geanco Foundation is doing in Africa.  [Part One] [Part Two]

Personally, I have had the pleasure of knowing Afam Onyema, the Director and CEO, for the last ten years through mutual friends in LA and am grateful to four wonderful people who helped me raise $145 for Geanco on my birthday in 2018.

Today I’m delighted to share with you about Geanco’s friendship with Selma actor David Oyelowo OBE and their amazing medical missions that set them apart from the rest.

David Oyelowo’s Scholarship for Girls

Tens of thousands of girls have been victims of terrorism in Nigeria in recent years. Many of these girls have escaped or been rescued from their tormentors. However, they still are not truly “free”.

Considered tainted by their experience in captivity, many have been rejected by their families and villages or shunted off to live in squalid, dangerous camps. Their educations have been disrupted, often permanently.

Thousands more girls in Nigeria have lost parents and family members to the violence and chaos consuming their communities. Our special scholarship benefits this vulnerable group of precious girls.

We cannot stand idly by while thousands of innocent girls remain under serious threat. With our help, these bright and resilient girls can blossom into Nigeria’s most inspiring leaders in government, education, business, entertainment, and so much more. – David Oyelowo

The Joyous Living: Spotlight on Geanco and David Oyelowo

We cover tuition, room & board, summer tutoring, medical care, social support, and professional psychological counseling. Scholarship recipients attend safe, high-quality schools in various sections of Nigeria.

This program is named in honor of acclaimed British-Nigerian actor David Oyelowo (Selma, Gringo, Disney’s Queen of Katwe), who encouraged the scholarship’s creation and plays an active role in selecting its recipients and raising money to ensure its continued success.

Famous Donors

​David and Jessica Oyelowo, Oprah Winfrey, Daniel Craig, Brad Pitt and Plan B Productions, Ava DuVernay, Participant Media, Janus Funds, and NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon provided seed money and continuing assistance for this program.

The Joyous Living Spotlight on Geanco. Boko Haram Girls.

Geanco’s Medical Missions

Over 200 needy Nigerians have received hip and knee replacements and bone fracture repairs through our medical missions.

In addition, we donated a SIGN Fracture Care System to a university teaching hospital in Anambra State and trained local Nigerian surgeons on its use.  They now repair serious bone fractures on a regular basis in a simple, inexpensive and sustainable way.

In 2018, we extended our reach to laparoscopic surgery. We now perform minimally-invasive gallbladder, hernia and appendix surgeries on poor patients, train local surgeons, and donate specialized equipment and instruments.

The Joyous Living: Geanco's Medical Missions to Nigeria

Medical Missions Personnel:

Our missions are led by skilled, compassionate American medical professionals from all over the country. Not only do they donate their time and expertise, they also personally raise funds to help cover mission expenses.

Zimmer Biomet and Medacta International, global orthopedic equipment manufacturers, have donated over $3 million thus far in equipment, instruments and cash for our missions.

The Joyous Living: NFL Hall of Fame Quarterback Warren Moon Supports GEANCO.

United Airlines has donated free flights to previous missions. NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon and the Golden State Warriors donated free sports apparel to our patients and their families.

PreNatal Care + Anemia Treatment:

We cover the cost of anemia treatment and prenatal care for 300 vulnerable pregnant women each month.

We have also screened over 25,000 women and children for anemia, including 10,000 in 2018.

We are the ONLY partner in all of Nigeria using Masimo Inc.’s innovative, noninvasive handheld monitors to quickly and painlessly screen patients.

Testing for anemia is often not performed in Africa because it traditionally requires invasive blood draws and lab analysis, which are either too expensive or not readily available.

Masimo provides the technology for this anemia initiative. We are grateful to Stacey Taggart and Guyan Randall for making this life-saving partnership possible!

The Joyous Living Spotlight Geanco Afam Onyema

I hope you have enjoyed this three part spotlight on GEANCO FOUNDATION! Stay tuned next week to learn about the fabulous work Finally Family Homes plans on doing with foster kids who have aged out of the system.

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