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Good morning! I am thrilled to present my next SPOTLIGHT feature continuing our focus on the incredible work that Geanco Foundation is doing in Africa.  [Part One]

Personally, I have had the pleasure of knowing Afam Onyema, the Director and CEO, for the last ten years through mutual friends in LA and am grateful to four wonderful people who helped me raise $145 for Geanco on my birthday in 2018.

Today I’m delighted to share with you about Geanco’s friendship with superstar Benedict Cumberbatch (who coincidentally celebrated his birthday yesterday) and how we can support the foundation through Omaze and Facebook fundraisers.

How has Benedict Cumberbatch supported GEANCO?

Benedict Cumberbatch was honored by GEANCO for his humanitarian efforts in 2016 at their annual fundraiser gala in Los Angeles.

Benedict’s supreme acting talent is matched only by his deep compassion for those struggling in the forgotten corners of the world. We are delighted to celebrate all he has done and continues to do for vulnerable women and children. He is a cherished member of our GEANCO Foundation family.

He has recently helped bring GEANCO into the spotlight with two Omaze fundraisers for Avenger premieres and one-on-one meet and greets.

Perhaps you recall the “I’m a little tea pot” the actor and philanthropist did?

The Joyous Living Geanco Honors Benedict Cumberbatch

How do Omaze Fundraisers work?

It’s 80/20. We get 80% of the profits and with the other 20%, Omaze covers the videos that have to be shot and the  actual experience.

I enjoy working with Omaze. It’s a fun way to raise money and leverage celebrity experiences that people will want to bid on. It’s also a great opportunity for celebrities who don’t necessarily have $1 million to donate – by participating they help us raise +1 million dollars!

Benedict Cumberbatch is so generous that we have been able to get an hour of private time with him and the winner on previous experiences.

Obviously you have to have the right packages and relationships but we’re trying to do more and more of these Omaze fundraisers. We have some interesting ones potentially in the pipeline. #StayTuned

The Joyous Living Spotlight Geanco Benedict Cumberbatch

The winner of our Oscar Rehearsal experience a couple years ago came from this tiny town in Quebec, Canada, and she used to watch the Oscars on a black and white t.v. She was literally crying when she found out she was so happy. The whole time she was here she was so appreciative and Jimmy Kimmel was the host at the time and he was so kind to her.

All our Omaze winners are individual monthly winners. It pays back.

It’s great awareness raising. Probably had up to 40,000 unique donors in 131 countries just for the last two Avengers fundraisers alone.

And we grossed $1.4 million for the two Avengers campaigns!

Who would you love to see team up with GEANCO for a future fundraiser campaign? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

How do Facebook Birthday fundraisers work?

Facebook fundraisers have become more and more popular. It’s a great way to raise awareness.

The only challenge with Facebook fundraisers is that I don’t get the names of who has donated so I cannot reach out and thank them. It has to be the person who started the fundraiser to do that.

We get 100% of the money.

Facebook does not collect any fees or anything.

The Joyous Living Spotlight Geanco Afam Onyema

I hope you have enjoyed this spotlight on GEANCO FOUNDATION! Stay tuned next week to learn about Geanco’s medical missions and relationship with David Oyelowo OBE (Selma, The Butler)!

In the meanwhile, please check out Geanco’s great work and share the love!

And in case you missed last week’s SPOTLIGHT, visit it here to learn about the family behind Geanco, Geanco’s relationship with Chiwetel Ejiofor and more!

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