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Hi Guys! Happy Saturday. How are you all doing? Friday night I just had three sets of visitors. Man do I feel loved and special. What makes you feel special?

The 5 Love Languages

They say there are 5 love languages: receiving gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service (devotion), and physical touch. Mine is definitely a combination of receiving gifts (primary) and quality time (secondary). I share the love by way of words of affirmation (primary) and the giving of gifts (secondary). So imagine how grateful and loved I felt having these visitors and also receiving gifts of food and support from family and friends.

If you have never read Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages book series, you will find them incredibly insightful and useful in your relationships. The first book that was published in 1995 deals with loving your “mate” but further editions are geared towards children, singles, and those in the workplace and military.

Review of the SINGLES Edition

The singles edition is intended for folks in all relationship statuses. The beginning of the book is a bit slow and technical but once you get to the stories about the football player, things pick up speed fast. The football player is popular in the community but does not know how to keep a relationship with his many girlfriends. There are stories for each love language. At the end of the book there is a “Things to Think About” section including questions such as “Did you feel loved by your parents?” and a 29 question quiz to figure out which is your personal love language.

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Gary Chapman

Aside from being best known for his concept of The 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman is also the senior associate pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in North Carolina and so you can expect spiritual undertones to the books.

Suggested Readings

In addition to the nonfiction book series, Gary Chapman co-wrote with Catherine Palmer a series of fiction books, The Four Seasons Collection, that focus on the four seasons of marriage starting with It Happens Every Spring. The plot and characters evince Chapman’s thesis that marriage is a journey back and forth through different “seasons”. Each book includes a study guide with healing strategies as depicted in each novel.

Loved Ones of Someone Who’s Chronically Ill

When you have a chronic illness and especially right after getting out of surgery, you depend on your loved ones to demonstrate love and support. Loved ones will benefit from understanding the five love languages and you too will understand and appreciate the love you receive from others after understanding the love languages too.

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