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Happy Saturday… Keeping it short and sweet today.

G is for…

A: Conor Gorman, a talented friend who is a triple threat…
Director, Editor and Videographer!

Visit his website at:

R: The Golden Bowl by Henry James…
This has to be one of my all-time favourite Henry James stories for his poignancy and ability to create such angst and beauty all at the same time.

T: The Golden Bowl starring Kate Beckinsale and Jeremy Northam
Based on the book by Henry James is this gem of a James Ivory costume drama. Kate Beckinsale’s Maggie tugged at all my heart strings and she is surrounded by a truly incredible and talented all-star ensemble featuring the likes of James Fox, Anjelica Huston and Nick Nolte in this equally lush costume piece.

The movie is rated R for one love scene.