Disneyland: Ariel’s Grotto [Closed]

The Joyous Living Ariel's Grotto Disneyland Review

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Who else misses this Disney princess dining experience at Disneyland California’s Adventure? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below what your favorite Disney Parks restaurant is!


On June 1st, S took me to the Disneyland Resort for a belated birthday celebration. We were amazed to walk onto Peter Pan in 20 minutes! The weather was spot-on, too, with a light breeze keeping us from burning up in the June sun.

Disney Visa Cardholder Perks:

One of the perks of being a Disney Visa cardholder is that you can attend a special card member character meet ‘n greet in California Adventure. Saturday’s special furry friend was Stitch and so we two gals in blue posed with one of Disney’s awesome blue guys.

Ariel’s Grotto:

The day ended with a pleasant surprise when S took me to lunch at Ariel’s Grotto [now closed] in California Adventure. We were visited by some of Disney’s classic princesses including, Ariel, Belle, Aurora and Snow White and HRH Minnie. The food was delicious and we both left with satisfied tummies and happy memories. We even received commemorative buttons.

For the first entree, we had a three-tiered tea tray of yumminess including salad, veggies, fruits and cheese with a side of sourdough bread.

For the main entree, I chose the fresh fish of the day, Mahi Mahi. It was beyond delicious and just what I would expect from any of Southern California’s four-star seafood restaurants.It was melt in the mouth delicious and the mango salsa was just sweet and spicy enough to make it the best Mahi Mahi I’d ever enjoyed. It was a nice surprise.

Character Dining:

And what would a character meal at Disneyland be without some princesses? Who is your favorite princess? I love me some Princess Aurora.


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  1. Ariel’s Grotto sounds like a lot of fun for the family. I don’t have kids, but I grew up on Ariel, so I’d love to go. That’s cool, right? Yeah, it’s cool. Totally.

  2. This will be so fun.I will love to get my baby over there it sounds like a great family dinner experience.

  3. We don’t visit the Disney parks anymore, but looks like Ariels grotto was a lovely find for fmailys to enjoy for sure

  4. Looks to be a fun filled place. And you seemed to have enjoyed a lot. I have been to Disneyland Hongkong and it was amazing.

  5. Is the grotto closed for good? I hope not, it is something I was hoping we could experience sometime when we go there.

  6. Since this was a few years back I wonder if there are any plans in place to reopen the grotto? Ariel is still so popular.

  7. I have to see about becoming a Disney Visa cardholder so that I can attend a special card member character meet ‘n greet in California Adventure like you!

  8. Hhhhmmmm….where have I heard the name “Mahi Mahi”? Yyyeesssss! That was in Magnum P.I. I wanna try it.

  9. May favourites right now are Elsa and Anna. Love all of the princesses though. Those appetizers look really great. Funny how charming and in demand these character dining experiences are!

  10. It is sad that this is closed. I hate when a favorite spot closes because I then have to find a new favorite–not always so easy!

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