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Happy New Year! Looking for a new book to read? Check out Stasi Eldredges’s encouraging DEFIANT JOY!

Publishers’ Description of DEFIANT JOY

In her new book, Stasi Eldredge meets readers in their painful realities and offers an invitation to a joy that is defiant in the face of this broken world. This joy does not Pollyannaish-ly ignore life’s heartache; rather, it insists that sorrow and loss do not have the final say. This kind of joy is present to both goodness and grief and interprets them in the light of heaven. With deep vulnerability about her own chronic pain, surprising diagnoses, and relational struggles and loss, Stasi demonstrates how to maintain a posture of holy defiance that neither denies nor diminishes the pain, but instead leans fully into the experience of knowing God’s presence and promise in the middle of whatever life may bring.

Book Review of DEFIANT JOY

Yay, another Stasi Eldredge book. If you have been living under a rock, you might have missed the beautiful Captivating that started me on my journey with Stasi. She is one of those great authors who pulls you into her writing and makes you feel a part of her story as if you are discussing these deep issues over a cuppa in your living room.

Since Captivating, Stasi has written a couple of other books including Becoming Myself and Love and War (for married couples so I have not yet read this). And now we have another Stasi book called Defiant Joy (October 2018) where she opens up even deeper.

In her latest book, Stasi draws from a dark place in her past. She addresses the differences between joy and happiness that someone who’s been through the ups and downs of chronic pain and relational loss can know.

Having my own troubles with similar chronic pain, I felt as if I had an ally and friend who could understand to some extent what I was struggling with. Others who’ve experienced the horrid truth of miscarriages and loss of family members will also be able to relate to Stasi. There is something in this book for everyone.

If you are needing a good reminder this New Year to find JOY despite the pain, loss, and hurt then this is the book for you!!!

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