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Death in Bloom is a charming new cozy mystery by Jess Dylan featuring a cute dog and a sweet Asian American side kick.

Death in Bloom by Jess Dylan REVIEW

Scheduled to be released on May 25, 2021, Death in Bloom is a cute cozy mystery that readers of the genre will enjoy. Dog lovers will especially enjoy the little Corgi, Gus.

Death in Bloom Book Description

The first in a sweet and colorful cozy mystery series from Jess Dylan, Death in Bloom introduces flower shop owner Sierra Ravenswood.

At the Flower House, every rose has its thorn . . .

Sierra Ravenswood is the new part-time employee of the Flower House, a flower shop in Aerieville, Tennessee. It’s true she didn’t expect to be back in her hometown at twenty-eight-years-old, but after her dream of making it as a singer in Nashville crashed and burned, she’s just grateful to have found a soft place to land.

Because, after all, Sierra firmly believes in being optimistic and positive about life, so she’s sure she won’t have to work at the Flower House forever. But things take a decidedly negative turn when a customer drops dead in the middle of her new bouquet-arranging workshop at the store. When it’s discovered he was poisoned by a snack at the event, everyone at the workshop, including Sierra, is on the suspect list. To make matters worse, her boss has gone AWOL and left the store to her for the cost of one dollar, leaving Sierra in charge of both his store and his high-energy Corgi puppy, Gus.

The town is on edge, and Sierra knows that murder is something that an upbeat attitude and a bouquet of sweet-smelling roses can’t fix. She’s determined to figure out whodunit, before anyone else in town meets an untimely reason for needing funeral flowers.

Who is Jess Dylan the Author

JESS DYLAN is an environmental attorney by day and author by night. As Jennifer David Hesse, she wrote the Wiccan Wheel Mysteries, a cozy series, with Kensington Publishing. Born and raised in Central Illinois, Jess now makes her home in Chicago with her musician husband, college-bound teen, and high-spirited Corgi. In her spare time, Jess enjoys yoga, hiking, reading and movie night with her family.

Entertaining Fiction for Dog Lovers

Do you have dogs? Do you enjoy a cozy mystery that features a cute little Corgi? You will love seeing Sierra interact with her boss’ adorable Corgi, Gus. And of course Gus is involved in the capture of the bad guy/gal.

Fictional Asian American Side Kick in Death in Bloom

Death in Bloom won me over thanks not only to the adorable Corgi mentioned above but also thanks to the fact she included an Asian American as one of Sierra’s friends and side kicks. Deena is thankfully not a stereotypical Asian American. Instead, the author’s focus is on Deena’s supportive friendship with Sierra and the way they work together to solve the case. I hope Jess Dylan keeps Deena for the next book and perhaps even gives her a love interest of her own.

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Boring Romantic Interest

Jess Dylan’s Death in Bloom features a fun supporting character, Calvin, who appears to be the future love interest for Sierra. He has a quick wit about him and while I enjoyed his involvement in the book’s mystery, I do not believe he is the right choice for Sierra. They appear to be friendly and yet there does not seem to be any romantic interest or sparks.

Thanks to NetGalley for providing me an ARC. All opinions are my own.

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