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In light of the disturbing and scary times we are dealing with, I wanted to share some positive news. The CEO of our 2019 Non-Profit of the Year (Geanco Foundation), Afam Onyema, was recognized at the end of February by World Remit as one of the top 10 influential migrant Africans in the United States. WOW! It is so wonderful to see how his hard work is being recognized across the world.

Following the announcement of Afam’s recognition, I reached out and was blessed to receive a response from David Oyelowo who works closely with GEANCO in helping the tens of thousands of girls that have been victims of terrorism in Nigeria in recent years thanks to “The David Oyelowo Leadership Scholarship for Girls“. Here are 4 reasons why he is “so proud of the work Afam is doing with GEANCO & The David Oyelowo Leadership Scholarship for Girls.”

#1. Self Sacrificial Work

“The work he does so tirelessly, faithfully and self sacrificially is truly something to behold.”

#2. A Champion of Hope and Opportunity

“He is championing hope and opportunity for the next generation of girls in Nigeria through education in a considered and effective way.”

#3. Energizes Me to Want to Do More

“His daily commitment to these girls energizes me and my family to want to do more.”

#4. A Powerful Example of Leadership

“Afam is one of the most honorable men I know and is setting a powerful example of what leadership could and should look like.”

The Joyous Living: 4 Reasons why David Oyelowo is so proud of the work Afam Onyema Does #Geanco

I could not agree more with Mr. Oyelowo’s comments. The Joyous Living is so grateful for his time in so perfectly expressing what we all love and respect about Afam and GEANCO. And on a very exciting note – they just had their FIRST David Oyelowo Leadership Scholarship graduate!!

If you have not yet read my SPOTLIGHT series on Geanco and the work they are doing in partnership with David Oyelowo and others, please educate yourselves. In a time when people are feeling despair and fear, let us shine the light on those who are making a difference and not just because it is the ‘cool’ thing to do.

Afamyou are one of my heroes.

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Sharing is Caring

Selma actor David Oyelowo is proud to partner with Geanco in helping Nigerians. The David Oyelowo Scholarship for Girls helps young women find a better life in Nigeria. David Oyelowo speaks highly of his friend Afam Onyema. #davidoyelowo #nigeria #geanco #nonprofit #thejoyousliving