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Today was Dapper Day at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. And what a fun day it was! Despite the hot temperatures, Veronica and I had an amazing morning and afternoon showing off our Dapper fashions, enjoying rides in the air conditioned buildings and people watching.
I had on a favorite Vera Wang jersey dress, my Stella & Dot tassel necklace,
Tiffany’s sunnies, and a pink bow hair-wrap from Charming Charlie.
Dapper Tribute to Eeyore.
Veronica wore a teal-colored tank top with leather trimmings, Ray Ban sunnies, and beads found in her mum’s jewelry box.
Dapper Tribute to Ariel.
On the Boardwalk at California Adventure surrounded by dapper inspiration murals.
Some dapper folks at California Adventure. Parasols were aplenty everywhere we looked.
A “Dalmatian-inspired” dapper couple at Disneyland.

One treat of the day was meeting with the princesses at Fantasy Faire. I had never been yet so Veronica and I headed into the air-conditioned room where we met Cinderella, Ariel (Veronica’s favorite princess) and Aurora (my favorite). We instantly took to Cinderella when we saw her conversing and laughing with a man in dapper attire. They had Zach, the Character Attendant, take a photo to make it look like a “Selfie” — super cute and her laughter was inspiring – as you can see from our photos. We also enjoyed a little moment with Aurora who reminded us that waking up to a kiss in the morning from prince charming was well worth the wait.

Aurora: “waking up to a kiss in the morning from prince charming is well worth the wait.”
Zach, the charming character attendant
Capturing Veronica’s very own selfie with Mr. Flynn Rider.

We wrapped up the afternoon with a visit to Pirates of the Caribbean, the first ride we rode together last September, and a lunch made up of waffle ice cream cones and delightful conversation at The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor.

At Pirates, I discovered (for the first time) that there were two separate queues and we were lucky enough to practically walk right onto the ride which was not the case for those who were queuing when we exited the ride. Yay for good timing!

At the ice cream parlor, we found a table in the corner to people watch while eating our ice cream and invited a young married couple to join us as the parlor was brimming with overheated guests. It turned out that our table-mates were celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary and so we shared tips on getting celebration buttons and Fantasmic! the show. A very nice and pleasant surprising way to end the day.

Two dapper gents @ The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor.
Our delicious lunch — ice cream waffle cones @ The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor.
It ’twas a good day!
Thanks for making the great memories with me, Miss Veronica.
Here’s to our fantastic 3rd Dapper Day!
Joy Michelle
Disneyland Resort Hint of the Day:
Disney Visa cardholders qualify for a special character meet-n-greet @ California Adventure (next to Monster’s Inc.) and a free 5×7 photo ($11 value). Check the park for specific hours the meet-n-greet is happening.