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Looking for Clean Period Alternatives to Bridgerton?

Were you excited to watch Bridgerton on Netflix (based on Julia Quinn’s The Bridgertons series) and then shocked to see Netflix had decided to amp up the sexual content similar to any STARZ or HBO series? Me too. I knew going into the series that Julia Quinn’s books were written for adults with sexual scenes and innuendo.

However, what I liked about Quinn was that her books were not saturated with sex. I repeat – the books are NOT saturated with sex. And someone please correct me if I’m wrong but I do not recall an orgy in Benedict’s storyline. And really – did we need to see all that? And how many times did we have to see Anthony or Hastings’ naked behinds? Or Daphne’s perk breasts?

Sadly, many of the memorable scenes and comedic moments from the book were sadly cast aside in the TV series. Even the way our hero and heroine met was changed and not for the better.

So, what are the clean period alternatives to Bridgerton that we watch without fear of seeing an orgy or needing to fast forward through the sex scenes?

Love and Friendship (Amazon Prime Original)

Based on Jane Austen’s Lady Susan, this hilarious comedy stars Kate Beckinsale (Emma) and Stephen Fry (Wilde) in an ensemble piece that centers on Kate Beckinsale’s Lady Susan, a beautiful widow, who has come to stay with her in-laws in the late 1700s to allow some colorful rumors about her dalliances to cool down. While with family, Lady Susan tries to find a husband for both herself and her reluctant daughter.


Americans really have shown themselves to be a nation of ingrates, only by having children can we begin to understand such dynamic.

-Lady Susan

Rating: PG

Similarities to Bridgerton: Comedy, Matchmaking, Strong female characters

Northanger Abbey

Based on another Jane Austen novel, this 2007 comedy stars Felicity Jones (Rogue One) and JJ Feild (Poirot’s Death on the Nile). The story is a comedic parody on gothic romance novels and includes some very witty and clever dialogue. Carey Mulligan (Doctor Who: Don’t Blink) also stars as the show’s antagonist hoping to lead Felicity Jones’ protagonist astray.


Now I must give you one smirk, then we can be rational again.

-Henry Tilney

Rating: TV-PG

Sexuality: A woman stands up out of a bath and her naked backside is seen.

Similarities to Bridgerton: ComedyStrong female characters

Aristocrats (1999)

Aristocrats is a miniseries that centers on the real-life Lennox sisters (daughters of the Duke of Richmond) who all search for love and happiness often amidst scandal and heartache. There are illegitimate children, foot fetishes, royal romances, and more! Stars include Anne-Marie Duff (Suffragette), Ben Daniels (Law and Order UK), and Geraldine Somerville (Harry Potter)


Is not the act of love… strange? Jimmy says that its frequent use is necessary to a woman’s health and happiness.

-Lady Emily

That’s abominably indelicate.


Rating: TV-PG

Sexuality: Men and women are seen in varying stages of a passionate embrace. However there is no nudity.

Similarities to Bridgerton: Strong female characters, scandal

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3 Clean Period Alternatives to Bridgerton
Clean alternatives to Bridgerton. Jane Austen's Love and Friendship.

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