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Did you know that today is National RETRO Day? And how perfect that it falls on a Thursday meaning it is also #ThrowbackThursday!

Here are THREE fun-loving ways to celebrate National RETRO Day:

Retro Toys, Retro Clothes and Retro Food

Although I still like to think of myself as young (hehe) it can be alarming how many things from my childhood are now classified as “retro” and on shelves in museums. Do you remember something from your childhood that either you would wear or play with all the time? And now if you asked a child or even a teenager they would likely say they have no idea what you’re talking about.

5 “RETRO” items from my childhood:

Let us see if you can guess what decade I was born. Hehe.

#1. Pagers.

My friends and I loved to use our parents’ old pagers and send each other texts with the letters spelled out like “43770”. This was the exciting way we’d “text” before iPhones were invented.

#2. Troll Dolls.

I loved the different colors the trolls had for hair and would love brushing out that furry hair. (This is a trick Q since they originated in the 60s but I’ll save you the time – I was not born in the 60s, hehe.)

#3. Cabbage Patch Kids.

I think the reason I loved Cabbage Patch Kids so much was the yarn hair and their cuddly bodies. Just look at the NEWSWEEK cover above – isn’t she adorable? So much more enjoyable to hold then the scary Teddy Ruxpin, right?

#4. Easy Bake Oven.

They tasted horrible but I loved making so-called fudge in my Easy-Bake Oven. The creators have obviously improved their technique and design since but it was still fun to be able to bake treats without needing mom’s help.

#5. Fischer Price Cassette Tape Player.

Before boom boxes, there were the wonderful Fischer Price cassette tape players. As a kid, I loved carrying mine around blasting Psalty the Songbook. I felt so cool. 🙂

3 Retro Styles I Love:

By now you’ve probably figured out I was born in the 80s. Bravo! While I love scrunchies (still wear them) and oversized blazers, I do not miss the perms, leotards, and shoulder pads.

#1. 1980s Hair Style

The Joyous Living 1980s National Retro Day Fashion

Side-pony tail with a scrunchie.

#2. 1950s Dresses

Thanks to finding Hearts and Roses LDN on Zulily, I have been able to fill my closet with inexpensive 1950s retro dresses. I find them super flattering and feminine for women of all shapes and sizes.

The Joyous Living: Hearts and Roses London Dresses are so Affordable

#3. Favorite Hollywood RETRO Fashion Icon

Kate Beckinsale is one of my favorite contemporary actresses and also happens to have worn 2 of my all-time favorite retro dresses that I would love to wear. In fact, the Emma dress is my dream wedding gown.

(c) Emma
Kate Beckinsale in The Golden Bowl

3 Favorite RETRO Foods to Resurrect:

#1. 1980s Kid-Friendly Meals

When I think back to my childhood, I remember mom making a crock pot full of sloppy joes for dinners and a Cool Whip and Strawberry Yogurt frozen pie for dessert. We’ll still enjoy sloppy joes on a rare night here and there but you rarely even see the frozen pies anymore now that we know Cool Whip isn’t good for you. But boy do I think of those pies with fond memories every so often I pass Cool Whip in the frozen section of the grocery store.

#2. 18th Century Myths

Why did Jane Austen's women eat chocolate at breakfast? Learn the old wive's tale about chocolate for breakfast. Learn why women ate chocolate for breakfast in the Regency era. What does chocolate have to do with fertility? #oldwivestale #janeausten #chocolate #breakfast #thejoyousliving

Have you ever seen your favorite Jane Austen characters eating chocolate at breakfast in the movies? Apparently there was a well-believed myth that chocolate worked as a fertility drug for the ladies.

#3. Retro TV Show

Do you love watching cooking shows? Julia Child had a famous tv show (1963-1973) called “French Chef”. Thankfully we can still see Ms. Child in the kitchen thanks to PBS Living (14 Day Free Trial Available) and Amazon Prime Video.

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How are you going to celebrate National RETRO Day? Hope it is a fun #ThrowbackThursday for you.

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