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Wow. Again, I say WOW. Cavalia Odysseo was better and grander and more incredible than I could have imagined or hoped for! The show is doing so well that additional performances have been adding meaning that Cavalia will be in Camarillo, California, now through January 7th!! 

For me, one of the best parts of seeing Cavalia Odysseo live was to see the horses in all their glory and beauty demonstrating character, charm, feistiness and watching how much work the trainers are required to keep the show running as smoothly as possible and without any injuries.
The show has three principle troupes who perform — the horses/equestrians, aerialists and African tumblers/dancers. Each group was thrilling and I was really impressed by how everything came together so smoothly. The horses as I mentioned above and in my previous video are phenomenal!! And the riders — so gorgeous too. The materials the costume team used to dress them were spot on allowing for great fluidity and grace.
Three performers with Samantha Harris and daughters. (c) Odysseo.
And what a treat to see the talented African acrobats — you may have seen clips online but this was nothing comparatively to seeing them live. I lost count so many times of how many consecutive tumbles these men took and all while making it look so easy! And the gorgeous aerialists were just that — gorgeous and beyond breathtaking. Their grace, their poise, their talent… Wow, wow, wow. I have never held my breath so much as during their stunts.
Three beautiful aerialists with Tiffani Thiessen and daughter. (c) Odysseo.
I really would hate to say too much so your own experience might be spoiled but wow. Just wow. From the feisty and playful horses to the gorgeous riders to the graceful aerialists to the incredible acrobats from Africa the show was a pure hit. And don’t forget the live music (in French)!
Accessibility Review:
After my earlier preview, they installed hand rails in the bleachers to help with navigating the stairs but do know that there are HUGE and TALL staircases so if you choose seats further in the back [which wouldn’t be such a bad idea because of the great view you get] you will be climbing and descending some tall stairs.
There is REDUCED MOBILITY SEATING (1-866-999-8111) where my friend L and I sat but do know these seats are scarce and few so call ASAP if you are looking for reduced mobility seating. And may I say how very accommodating and lovely the ushers were!! They took my walker for me at the beginning of the show and brought it right back to me at intermission and after the curtain call. Always with a smile.
Reduced mobility parking is available right next to the White Big Top. When you arrive, go to the parking lot entrance near the Box Office and tell the parking attendants you require reduced mobility parking.
And if you need a restroom, there are a couple handicap accessible restrooms with ramps and large enough for wheelchairs!
So what are you still doing reading my blog??? Go get your tickets!!! These will make a wonderful date night, great holiday gifts and there is even a discount going on right now for Thanksgiving Day. Enjoy!!!! xo
For details check out my preview here. And be warned that popcorn and pretzels go fast! 😀