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Last Man Standing Returns!

Who watched tonight’s season premiere of Last Man Standing? I had a great time at a friend’s home this evening where we ate dinner, played Clue and watched Tim Allen‘s victorious return to the little screen. Filming Experience For those of you who remember my July 16th post, I had the pleasure of attending the filming […]

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Films for Easter: Miracle Maker

the joyous living easter movies to watch miracle maker ralph fiennes

In readiness for Easter I wanted to share a few of my favorite Easter films worth watching these next few weeks. Previously I mentioned Lion of Judah and today we continue with another animation (clay animation). #2 – Miracle Maker (Amazon Prime/DVD) The Casting: A+ If you’ve followed my blog for a while you’ve probably […]

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X is for… Children

Today we’re focusing on… X and Children A – Xul Solar Jefa by Xul Solar. R – Xander’s Panda Party I love children’s books and the illustrations by Matt Phelan in this one are delightful. T – Spot Marks the X When I was a kid, the 1986 movie, Spot Marks the X, was an all-time favorite. […]

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W is for… Women

Today we’re focusing on… Women. A –  I love paintings and photographs of women who are dancing. Such grace and beauty. R – This is one of my favorite Poirot novels because it is when Captain Hastings (whom I named my dog after) meets the love of his life, “Cinderella”. And lets admit, who among […]

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