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P is for… My Birthday POST!

Happy birthday to me… O yeah. Today we’re focusing on… A for Leonid Pasternak I love the innocence his family scenes capture. R for “To Mrs. M.B. On Her Birthday” by Alexander Pope Oh be thou blest with all that Heav’n can send,Long Health, long Youth, long Pleasure, and a Friend:Not with those Toys the […]

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M is for… Miracle Maker!

The Joyous Living AtoZChallenge Easter in the Arts

Happy Good Saturday, A – Andrea Mantegna Mantegna was an Italian painter in the 1400s who loved to experiment with perspective as is plainly seen in “The Agony in the Garden” (c. 1459). What interests me more is his use of perspective in “The Dead Christ” (c. 1480) — this poignant portrait of the Lord […]

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Good Friday: L is for…

A – Łukasz Jankowski-Wojtczak I could find very little in English about this photographer but this photo entitled “Jesus Falls For a Third Time” spoke volumes to me, partially in its simplicity but also because of the photographer’s choice of angles and dimensions. What do you think? R – “Love’s Eternal Wonder” by Amy Carmichael […]

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K is for…

A – Lev Lvovich KAMENEV Russian landscape artist Lev Lvovich Kamenev is unfortunately under appreciated and criticized for a ‘sameness’. Funny enough, what I enjoy most about his work is the way his focal source of light draws the eye away from the mundane and ‘sameness’ whether it is a brook of water where the reflection of light […]

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F: Forsyth

A: William J. Forsyth (U.S.A.) William Forsyth was an American Impressionist known to belong to the Hoosier Group of Indiana artists. His daughter and fellow painter, Constance Forsyth, summed up his career: “Perhaps his most outstanding characteristic was his independence. He painted what he wanted to paint and in the way he wanted to paint […]

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D: Dionisius to Davy Crockett

A: Dionisius (Russian) Crucifixion of Jesus, 1500. I could easily go for the obvious “D” artists but lets try to broaden our horizons and hopefully each of us can take away something from learning about  Dionisius, an acknowledged head of the Moscow school of icon painters (1440-1502). One of my all-time favourite paintings of the […]

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