OG Belle, Susan Egan, Dazzles in Thousand Oaks

July 21, 2018 thejoyousliving 14

Leading lady Susan Egan (Belle) is just as enchanting as she must have been in 1994. Her voice as lush and dynamic as was forever captured on the Original Broadway Cast recording. Her acting just as spritely and playful as exhibited at the Tony Awards. The last 24 years have done nothing to dampen the original Belle’s allure.

The Joyous Living: Is Disneyland Anti-Disability?

Is Disneyland Anti-Disability?

June 30, 2017 thejoyousliving 9

I have to wonder does Disneyland have something against the disabled community? And as a last point, when was the last time you saw a cast member at Disneyland or Walt Disney World using a wheelchair or walker?