Books: Beauty in the Breakdown

Roberts’ book is 100% geared towards her fans who are more interested in the ups and downs of her musical career. The “breakdowns” (domestic abuse, flooding, and health/MS) are but small blurbs in the memoir with again the focus on Roberts’ career ups and downs.

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Books, Books and Books!

HI Loves. Kind of (no, really) excited to share with y’all that Barnes and Noble Book Store is having their first ever book haul blowout!! How cool is that? Get 50% Off Loads of New Reads at the First-Ever Barnes and Noble Book Haul Blowout! As per usual, the sale applies only to printed books […]

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X is for… Children

Today we’re focusing on… X and Children A – Xul Solar Jefa by Xul Solar. R – Xander’s Panda Party I love children’s books and the illustrations by Matt Phelan in this one are delightful. T – Spot Marks the X When I was a kid, the 1986 movie, Spot Marks the X, was an all-time favorite. […]

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W is for… Women

Today we’re focusing on… Women. A –  I love paintings and photographs of women who are dancing. Such grace and beauty. R – This is one of my favorite Poirot novels because it is when Captain Hastings (whom I named my dog after) meets the love of his life, “Cinderella”. And lets admit, who among […]

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A to Z Challenge: Universal Works of Art

The Joyous Living: Universal Works of Art

Today we’re focusing on…  Universal works of art that resonate with many cultures. Art – MOSES, the prophet In Islam: Asiya finds Moses.  In Russian Orthodoxy: Moses and the Burning Bush.   In Western Christianity: Moses and the Ten Commandments. Rembrandt.   Reading – The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky Theatre – Romeo Et Juliette: de la […]

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