W is for… Women

Today we’re focusing on… Women. A –  I love paintings and photographs of women who are dancing. Such grace and beauty. R – This is one of my favorite Poirot novels because it is when Captain Hastings (whom I named my dog after) meets the love of his life, “Cinderella”. And lets admit, who among […]

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A to Z Challenge: Universal Works of Art

The Joyous Living: Universal Works of Art

Today we’re focusing on…  Universal works of art that resonate with many cultures. Art – MOSES, the prophet In Islam: Asiya finds Moses.  In Russian Orthodoxy: Moses and the Burning Bush.   In Western Christianity: Moses and the Ten Commandments. Rembrandt.   Reading – The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky Theatre – Romeo Et Juliette: de la […]

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T is for… A Tale of Two Cities

Today we’re focusing on…TALE OF TWO CITIES, one of my all time favorite musicals/plays/movies/books 😀 A… Storming of the Bastille by Jean-Pierre Houel (1789) R… Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens T… My favorite Sydneys in no particular order! Ronald Colman (film)   Charles Dance (Audio) James Barbour (theater) (also be sure to check […]

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O is for… Oliver

Today we’re focusing on… Oliver Oliver is of course one of Charles Dickens’ most cherished and loved characters in Oliver Twist and the title of the beloved Lionel Barry musical. When buying a copy of the book, be sure to get an illustrated copy, preferably by George Cruikshank such as the Barnes & Nobles Classics series copy. […]

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F: Forsyth

A: William J. Forsyth (U.S.A.) William Forsyth was an American Impressionist known to belong to the Hoosier Group of Indiana artists. His daughter and fellow painter, Constance Forsyth, summed up his career: “Perhaps his most outstanding characteristic was his independence. He painted what he wanted to paint and in the way he wanted to paint […]

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