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Happy 4th of July and a big Happy Birthday, America!

Do you ever wonder about the men who sacrificed their lives for the sake of our nation’s freedom? I love history and several years ago started researching our family tree and found a treasure trove of ancestors on my mother’s side who have been in this country since the 1600s.

I felt it appropriate today to share the story of one of my ancestors:

Captain Michael Dayton (My 6th Great-Grandfather)

Revolutionary Army

Aas was quite common, his service was not continuous but consisted of at least two known separate enlistments.

First he was a commissioned Ensign in the Second Company (State Militia) of Waterbury, Conn., in May 1772 and a Captain in a Northbury company in October 1774.


Michael Dayton is recorded as a private, May 11th through December 20, 1775, in the 5th Company which served at the Siege of Boston. Commanded by Colonel David Wooster, 1st Regiment, the 5th Company was under the direction of Captain Caleb Trowbridge and Captain Benedict Arnold, although the latter never served with the company.

A later and final enlistment,

During which Michael Dayton was stationed at Peekskill Barracks in New York State, dated from April 5, 1776 to May 21, 1776 when illness (camp distemper) terminated his service and later his life.

The Joyous Living Ancestor Captain Michael Dayton

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