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For my 2017 A to Z Challenge, I was not sure quite what I wanted to blog about. Numerous ideas were coming to mind but each seemed to require even more energy and strength. So I’ve decided to focus on an acronym for ART:
A – Artists (musicians, painters, photographers, writers, etc.)

R – Reading (books, poems, etc.)
T – Theater (movies, musicals, plays, etc.)

So let’s begin…

Artists: Kate Cordsen (U.S.A.)

Cordsen says her experiences in Asia have “greatly influence much of who [she is]. In Japanese aesthetics [she is] drawn to the reverence of chance and of imperfection and the profound importance
of empty space — in art, in literature and in daily life.”

I love her ability to capture the innocence of nature. 

R: The Crown and the Crucible (Michael Phillips & Judith Pella)

Growing up, one of my favorite series to read was “The Russians” by Michael Phillips and Judith Pella. Characters such as Sergei and Anna made Russian history come alive for me and inspired my interest in studying Russian culture and history.

The series is now available in electronic format at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

P.S. – There is a strong Christian presence in the books.

T: Camille Claudel (Frank Wildhorn/Nan Knighton)

Frank Wildhorn and Nan Knighton’s Camille Claudel has never had its chance at Broadway but the eleven o’clock number for the leading lady, “Gold”, has become a staple for sopranos and was used by Kristi Yamaguchi during the 2001/2002 Season of Stars on Ice.